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TEMA Motion
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TEMA Motion Analysis software  

Overview: Tools for accurate tracking, advanced motion analysis and for presentation

The TEMA software platform with its Motion Unit provides a range of user-friendly, high-speed motion analysis solutions and covers the complete process from image input to automated tracking and analysis to results presentation in predefined tables and graphs.

The comprehensive tools of the TEMA Motion software allow any user in automotive, defence, scientific, biomechanical or research industries, the opportunity to fully understand the behavior of of their subject in motion. Starting with digital image sequences and using the advanced features of the TEMA Motion software, camera vibrations can be removed, image overlays can be presented and image movement history can be tracked and presented in the form of tables and graphs.

The powerful and easy-to-use software provides an excellent instrument when analyzing high speed video material and the synchronized user interface gives the user a first-rate overview of the difficulties and problems occurring in any high speed event.

Options available as part of the Motion Unit:

TEMA Shape
TEMA Viewer and Report
By combining multiple cameras the analysis can be performed in 3D, enhancing the visibility even further and giving users more information on their specific application.
Studies of anything from explosions to ballistics gelatin tests can be performed with the powerful tools of the TEMA Outline motion analysis tool.
With the 6 Degrees of Freedom option, any rigid object can be analyzed to get angle orientation and rotation addition to position, speed and velocity - perfect for studying a dummy head in crash test applications.
By increasing the presentational possibilities, TEMA can be an excellent tool to provide powerful presentations that can be exported and shared with users without a TEMA license.
TEMA Motion is used for advanced motion analysis of industrial test and design applications providing accurate tracking algorithms, advanced motion analysis and excellent presentation tools crucial for delivering the highest quality test results and is suitable for:
Biomechanics and sport
Regardless if used for sports equipment manufacturing or for clinical studies, motion analysis will help companies and universities to understand the human body, or animal, in a more precise way even when it is not possible to use markers
Ballistics and Explosions
By combining high-speed video with the motion analysis tools, defence industry researchers can construct safer products with controlled behaviour patterns
Motion analysis is an effective way of researching improvements of driver and passenger as well as developing new solutions to be more competitive with opposition car and car components manufacturers.
Test and Design
Without the correct tools it is very expensive, time-consuming and difficult to conduct testing to detect the failure mechanisms and identify their behaviours. By combining a high-speed camera event with motion analysis testing, testers can ensure that their products have the necessary quality and design.
Research and Development
By recording and measuring high-speed events unseen by the eye, motion analysis can significantly shorten the development cycle for new products as well as reducing cost.

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