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Specialised Imaging
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Launched in the UK in 2003, Specialised Imaging have forged a strong track record in working with clients to design and develop new functions and facilities. They have built an international reputation for their innovations and are considered as being at the forefront of the high-speed imaging field.

Designing and manufacturing ultra-high-speed imaging cameras for industrial, scientific and defence research applications, the members of the company boast 80 years' combined experience in the area and this, combined with their level of commitment to the industry, resulted in their winning the Queen's Award for Enterprise - Innovation, in 2011 and the British Engineering Excellence Small Company of the Year award in 2009.

Together with a range of image-capturing products, Specialised Imaging is able to offer fully-optimised imaging systems that include illumination, optical components, supports and triggering devices.


High-speed video cameras
Kirana Resolution: 924(W) x 768(H) 180 frames Frame Rate: Up to 5 million fps Output: GigE Monochrome
High-resolution framing cameras        
SIMD Duplex, ultra-fast. Double-pulse technique gives up to 32 images in 36lp/mm dynamic resolution. Multi-spectral imaging. Mono and RGB. Up to 1 billion frames-per-second
SIMX 50lp/mm dynamic resolution; multi-spectral imaging; up to 1 billion frames-per-second; mono and RGB, images free from lag or ghosting
High-resolution still camera
SIR3 series 11 megapixel images; suitable for harsh indoors and outdoors        
T-Cam Scientific ccd camera; 11 megapixel images; high res in either ambient or low light conditions;
Flight-follower systems        
Tracker2 Video projectile tracing system; built-in multiple triggers for real-time tracking; remote control of mount; 3d analysis available with 2 systems
Multi-head, high-speed framing camera        
Cerberus Up to 200 million frames-per-second; multiple-heads - up to 64. 128 frames; 1360 x 1040 resolution; suitable for 3d stereo imaging
Image intensifier        
SIL2 Readily interfaced to most manufacturers' high-speed cameras; Provide a wide range of sensitivity, gain and resolution options. Remote link to PC via Ethernet.
Laser illumination system        
SI-LUX 640 Custom-designed, gated image intensifier; brighter than LED light; illuminates hard-to-access places; Provides clear and accurate still images of very fast events



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