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The ARVOO Company is a leading Europian provider for high-performance signal processing systems. Founded in 1993 ARVOO has realized DSP-based electronic systems for a wide range of applications including industrial, medical, military, research and scientific.
Established in 2008, AutoVimation manufactures enclosures that simplifies the installation of and protects the camera from adverse conditions, including heat, dust, water and user-interference and supplies complete, ready-to-install mechanical solutions for cameras and light fittings, and enables the integration of special lenses, filters, light barriers, encoders, or other sensors.
Imperx' mission is to help their customers migrate from today's low-resolution, analog video systems to an intelligent, high-resolution, digital imaging solution. Imperx' product portfolio spans the complete spectrum of digital video solutions from high-end mega-pixel cameras to advanced video capture cards.
UNIBLITZ Shutters have provided solutions in numerous application areas, including Microscopy, Medical Imaging, CCD and Video, low level laser switching, and others where total light extinction was demanded.
Photon Focus
Photonfocus AG, is a dynamic, solidly founded start-up company. Photonfocus combines solely leading expertise in designing CMOS sensors with sound vision camera engineering. Photonfocus sells standard cameras and OEM vision modules for the industrial market. Besides standard products Photonfocus offers solutions adapted for customer's needs.
Phrontier Technologies
Empowering end-users with access to a sustainable solution for both camera-link and USB 3.0 connectivity, Phrontier Technologies works closely with its customers to manufacture innovative, high performing and user-friendly imaging products to the market.
FLIR Motion Control Systems
FLIR Motion Control Systems (formerly Directed Perceptions) offers a complete line of pan & tilt devices for computer-controlled positioning of lasers, microwave antennas, thermal cameras, video cameras, IP cameras, and more in both indoor and outdoor environments.FLIR's pan/tilt devices offer high speed, precision, durability, and small form factors. Some of the largest companies in the world rely on FLIR for their pan/tilt and sensor control requirements in mission-critical applications including surveillance, sensor fusion, automated detection and tracking, robotics, communications, border security, machine vision, and automated test in military, aerospace, and industrial markets.
Automated Drive and Design - AD & D
AD&D is an Indiana-based Industrial Instrument manufacturing company. Their wide range of products includes vision support systems for mounting vision cameras and peripheral equipment.
Phantom High Speed
Vision Research are innovative manufacturers of electronic imagers and accessories currently marketed under the "Phantom" trade mark. The company prides itself in the high resolution of its images, the power of its software, the reliability of its products and its high level of attentiveness and dedication to its customers. Phantom products have been carefully manufactured to maintain the quality and reliability that their customers have grown to expect.
Stemmer Imaging
Stemmer Imaging has been operating the machine vision market since 1987 and is Europe's largest technology provider in their field. As an active member in the CameraLink, GigE-Vision and GenICam committees, Stemmer Imaging is a competent expert and plays a leading role in the production and supply of these technologies.
Gardasoft Vision
Gardasoft Vision Ltd was founded over ten years ago to provide turnkey machine vision systems for industry. The company’s core business is the development and manufacture of high performance LED lighting and trigger timing controllers. Since its inception, the company has grown strongly through a sustained high level of re-investment into research and development.
Specialised Imaging
Specialised Imaging Limited is a dynamic company focusing on the design, manufacture, service and supply of ultra-high-speed imaging systems and components for industrial, military and scientific applications and has become a market leader in ultra-high-speed imaging technology. The company's continuing policy is to invest in the development of innovative imaging solutions, incorporate the latest technological advances and use improved components wherever possible.




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