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Motion Analysis Software
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Image Systems AB  
TEMA Motion
The TEMA software platform with its Motion Unit provides a range of user-friendly, high-speed motion analysis solutions and covers the complete process from image input into the program via automated tracking and analysis to a result presentation in predefined tables and graphs.
image analysis,imaging, ImagePro Plus
TEMA Automotive  
Motion analysis measurements of deformations, airbag volume, dummy head accelerations and steering column penetration are just a few of the critical applications specifically catered for, making it easy to follow industry standards and test recommendations.
TEMA Camera Control  

The perfect software for combining high-speed cameras from multiple manufacturers - from a crash test situation with 10 or more cameras, to a research project with extremely high demands on resolution, image quality and frame rate. TEMA Camera Control lets the user combine the right cameras suited to their specific project.


TEMA Lite  
By combining the use of high-speed cameras with the Lite version of the TEMA analysis tools, velocity, position, angles and distances can be measured and analyzed in a completely automated process. TEMA Lite provides using premium motion analysis tools with great performance for users on a limited budget.
TEMA 3D Wand Calibration Option  
Originally developed with the automotive industry in mind, the wand is ideally suited for crash tests, pedestrian tests and component testing in 3D, the wand is also perfectly suited for other applications whether indoors or out of doors.


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