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TEMA Automotive
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TEMA Automotive Analysis software  

Overview: Tools for advanced motion analysis in the automotive industry and, specifically, automotive crash testing

TEMA Automotive covers the complete process from bringing the image into the program via automated tracking and motion analysis to a result presentation in predefined tables and graphs. With user- defined templates it is possible to maintain the highest quality of testing that is operator-independent.

Motion analysis measurements of deformations, airbag volume, dummy head accelerations and steering column penetration are just a few of the critical applications specifically catered for, making it easy to follow industry standards and test recommendations.

Using the TEMA Automotive motion analysis software, research and testing departments can share complete presentations (printed reports and electronic) with the entire test data. Presentation documentation can include high-speed video, data from external sources, graphs and tables allowing for easier interpretation.

Options available as part of the Automotive unit:

TEMA Airbag
TEMA Viewer and Report
By combining multiple cameras the analysis can be performed in 3D, enhancing the visibility even further and giving users more information on their specific application.
Airbag analysis is made easy where automatic tracking allows the user to analyze the speed and position of the airbag to determine critical factors. Image overlays allow comparison of multiple airbag tests.
With the 6 Degrees of Freedom option, any rigid object can be analyzed to get angle orientation and rotation addition to position, speed and velocity - perfect for studying a dummy head in crash test applications.
By increasing the presentational possibilities, TEMA can be an excellent tool to provide powerful presentations that can be exported and shared with users without a TEMA license.
Typical applications
Crash tests using 2D, 3D or 6DoF analysis
Airbag analysis: The inflation process is verified towards simulated modules and the shape, size and position of the airbag is checked towards boundaries. Analysis is based on contour and volume measurements.
Steering column penetration, Rollover test and Sled testing using cameras on-board or off-board

TEMA Automation product information (2.5 Mb)


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