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Cavitar Diode Laser Illumination
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High-speed, high-power illumination
The unique CAVILUX laser illumination technology provides indispensable benefits across a range of applications - from online process monitoring through to industrial and scientific research and development. It is at its best in demanding applications were other light sources are not bright enough. Based on pulsed high power diode laser illumination technology, Cavitar lighting can strobe objects with very high intensity light up to millions of times per second. The pulsed light power is typically several hundreds of watts concentrated into a small area and the brightness can be millions of times higher than of traditional LED light sources.

Cavitar lighting is also excellent for applications where there is extreme heat and hot glowing objects (eg welding). The technology works accurately and without distortion in circumstances where changes in light or high frequency vibration usually cause problems.

CAVILUX lighting in conjunction with a high speed camera allows for the montoring and control of continuous processes in real time, thereby reducing the need for time-consuming and costly post-manufacturing checks. The technology can monitor several production lines or different parts of the same production line using the one system.

The CAVILUX product offering includes laser unit, control unit, illumination optics and control software and all can be easily programmed with a computer and thereafter can operate stand alone.

Highlights and key benefits

CAVILUX Smart is a versatile and powerful pulsed diode laser light source designed especially for scientific and industrial R&D and consists of a laser unit (size app. 0.3 dm3), control unit, laptop computer, software and illumination optics. It is available in 690nm or of 810nm wavelengths. It is an excellent adjunct to a high speed camera for extreme slo-mo imaging or for difficult conditions.

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Compatible with many high-speed cameras, the CAVILUX HF is a powerful, high-frequency, pulsed diode laser light source specifically manufactured for high-speed applications and designed for further boosting the performance of high-speed cameras. The HF light source is especially suitable for studying high-temperature processes, such as welding and soldering. It is available in 810nm wavelength.

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CAVILUX LP has similar features to the CAVILUX HF, except that it generates longer and therefore more energetic light pulses at lower frequencies. CAVILUX LP is especially suitable for illuminating large areas and objcts at greayter distances.

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Cavitar offer customised versions of their CAVILUX series. CAVILUX OEM can be developed and configured according to your specific needs, fulfilling the most difficult operational requirements due to its robustness, compactness and reliability. It is designed especially for easy integration and OEM use in production line and machine vision applications.

Features enabling the benefit
High Quality image
High Fidelity
High yields
More information
Better accuracy
Fast and accurage image processing

Incoherent light (no speckle).
Monochromatic lilght (no chromatic aberrations)

See through heat
Sees hot objects as cold
Direct view to the core of the process
More information
Monochromatic light (efficient filtering of thermal light)
Immune to surrounding illumination conditions No problems related to other lighting (eg sunshine, incandescent lalmps) Short high power pulses (enables short camera exposure time)
No motion blur
Immune to vibrations
Sharp images of fast/small objects Short, high power pulses
Quantitative information

Faster process development/system parameter setting
Measurement of eg path, velocity, acceleration, kinetic energy Accurate and repeatable bursts of pulses
Versatility and reliability
Same device can be utilised in different applications. Use in limited spaces and in industrial environments
Fibre-coupled light. Modular illumination solutions.
Portability Field operation with batteries Compact size, low power comsumption, robust
Long working distance Visualisation of distant objects High brightness




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