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LED Lighting
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Advanced Illumination
Model Compliance
Normal Operating Temperature
Cable Information
UltraSeal Washdown Light CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
4" x 8" unit - 635g
2 meters long (80") - 105°C rated PVC jacket, foil shield with drain.

Hive Lighting - Full spectrum energy-efficient and flicker-free lighting for film production and all slow-motion “high speed” applications
Light source   Colour rendition   Strike/restrike time    Colour temperature Weight
100 W LED 98 CRI / 97 TLCI   1650K - 8000K 2 kg

NERLITE - Innovators in the field of precision illumination systems for machine vision. Suits electronic, pharmaceutical, automotive and food handling industries where objects or surfaces are transparent or highly specular
Backlights - for asharp contrast to outline the shape of a component, hide clear housings and view openings such as drilled holes.
Ring Led Array Illuminators - economical and practical choices for illuminating diffused or specular surfaces.
Dome Illuminators -practical and cost-effictive solutions to illuminate shiny, bumpy surfaces.  
Spot Led Array Illuminators - provides non-diffused light from a specific direction onto the field of view.
DOAL - Diffused On Axis Lights / COAL - Collimated On Axis Lights - provide diffuse uniform illumination for flat specular surfaces. DOAL modules offer illumination within the camera's optical path while COAL modules offer collimated illumination within the camera's optical path.  
CDI - Continuous Diffuse Illuminators - feature patented optics and precision intergrated sphere technology to yield and self-contained diffuse light
SCDI - Square Continuous Diffuse Illuminators - provide extraordinary diffuse illumination and is ideal for moderately-faceted and undulating specular surfaces.  
MAXlite - Multi Axis Illuminator - designed for applications requiring a combination of lighting geometries. Provides on-axis and dark field light in one package.
Darkfield - dramatically enhance the contrast of surface features such as laser-embossed or engraved marks, or surface defects.  
Power Supplies & Accessories - Power supplies (both fixed and variable) and strobe controllers.


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