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WASP 100C LED | Hive Lighting
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WASP 100C - Better control and lower cost with LED but with the colour quality of Plasma

Designed not just for motion but also for still photography
Combining bright, energy-efficient LED lights with Hive's Perfect S.H.O.T system, the WASP 100C is a practical and affordable solution offering the highest colour quality and highest output LED for all levels of production.

Having developed their own LED board, the five different colour LED chips together create the most even, widest spectrum, and most controllable unit possible.

Control can be taken in any of three ways: via dials on the back of the light; by smart phone or by using Digital Multiplex (DMX).

Perfect S.H.O.T colour system
The WASP 100C is the first LED with the colour quality of Plasma.

With up to a 98 CRI Hive's LED fixture uses a proprietary algorithm to combine 5 different colour LEDs into brilliant white light and infinite colour combinations. Hive starts by using a single primary colour and a combination of secondary and tertiary colours to create more complete and even spectrum. Traditional colour-changing LEDs use only three colours to create white light and Hive's system has a far higher colour quality and far greater control through the white light range than any Bi-Colour or RGB LED.

Features and benefits
• Full hue and saturation controls give infinite colour options • Easily adjust lighting from warm candlelight to cool daylight Use DMX boards to control hue, saturation, colour
• 5 colour LEDs: red, amber, lime, cyan, and sapphire Millions of colours 0-100% dimming
1650K-8000K color temp in 25k increments 360° hue control in 6° increments
0-100% saturation control
Manual, DMX, smart phone control 100-240VAC input, 4-pin XLR 98 CRI, 97TCLI
• Kit includes: Head Unit with 22° Reflector; Power Supply 100-240 VAC; HDP Lenses: Spot, Medium, Wide, and Super Wide; 5", 4-leaf barn doors

Spec sheet

Need a price or more information? Please email Adept Turnkey or call our offices

Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd are "The Machine Vision and Imaging Specialists" and distributor of Hive Lighting Machine Vision products in Australia and New Zealand. To find out more about any Hive Lighting or any other Machine Vision product, please call us at Perth (08) 9242 5411 / Sydney (02) 9905 5551 / Melbourne (03) 9384 1775 or contact us



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