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Video acquisition standard frame grabberStandard Frame Grabbers
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For analog video acquisition, standard framegrabbers can be used for colour and monochrome image capture. Select from a range of high-performance, cost-sensitive video grabbers that provide reliable and efficient video acquisition control throughout the entire image capture sequence. Our video frame grabbers provide effective solutions for a wide variety of application areas including video monitoring, medical visualization, surveillance, and machine vision applications.

Model Max Image Size Pixel Depth Video Input Trig Strobe Frame Reset PLL Input Rate MHz Signal Pre-processing LUT CSC Max # Cams Max Simul Inputs Dig I/O
Viper RGB 8K x 8K 10 RS170, CCIR, RGB Y Y     40   Y   1 3 Y
Viper Quad   8 Monochrome Y Y N   40   Y   2/4 2/4 Y
PC-Comp 768 x 576 16 RS170, CCIR, NTSC, PAL, SVideo Y Y N Digital 40 Gain/Offset, Scaling, Filtering N N 4 1 Y
Bandit II RGB 1280x1024 10 Composite, S video, RGB Y Y     60   Y       Y
Bandit II CV 1280 x 1024   Composite, S video Y NA     40            
Bandit II MV 1280 x 1024 16   Y Y     40            
PC Vision 2k x 1k 8 RS170, CCIR, XTAL Y Y Y Digital 20 Gain/Offset, Scaling, Filtering Y N 4 1 Y
PC Vision Plus 4K x 4K 8, 12 RS170, CCIR Y Y Y   53   Y   2 1 Y
PC2 Vision 2K x 2K, 1K x 1K 8, 32 RS170, CCIR, RGB Y Y Y   40   Y   6   Y
PC RGB 1024 x 1024 8, 16,24 RS170, CCIR, RGB, XTAL Y Y Y Digital 30 Gain/Offset, Filtering Y (8 bit x 3) Y 6 3 Y
IC-Async 1024 x 1024 8 RS170, CCIR, XTAL Y Y Y Digital 20 Gain/Offset, Filtering Y N 4 4 Y
CX Family 512 x 486 8 Monochrome, RS-170 Y Y Y       Y   1 1  

PXC Family

768 x 576   PAL, SECAM, S-video Y         Scaling     4   Y

We are pleased to discuss with you the video acquisition framegrabber hardware best suited for your application. Contact us for further information.



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