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CCS - Machine Vision Lighting
CCS - Machine Vision LightingCCS provides high quality LED lighting for image processing applications. Providing 300 standard and 5000 custom designs, CCS has been providing reliable, compact LED illumination since 1992. Products include high-intensity lighting as well as low-cost LED lighting:

NERLITE - LED Lighting
With more than a decade's experience in providing systems for the electronic, pharmaceutical, automotive, and food handling industries, NER's role is to solve the most challenging machine vision applications involving transparent or highly specular objects and surfaces.
Lasiris Lasiris - Lasers
Lasiris was incorporated in 1985 to offer unique technical and scientific expertise in lasers, optics and holography. Offering innovative high quality laser and optics products, Lasiris provides a wide range of laser pattern projectors for industrial inspection and machine vision.

PerkinElmer - Strobes
Founded in 1937 and so a long-time leader in the scientific community, PerkinElmer has a long history of innovation providing lighting solution for a variety of applications including: environmental monitoring, food quality and safety; medical imaging; life science research and diagnostics.

Pelco - IR
Pelco is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of video security systems and supporting equipment ideal for any industry. Committed to developing new technologies, Pelco strives to provide customer satisfaction from any of their products.

Luminys - High power for High speed
Luminys™ is an award-winning design, engineering and manufacturing company providing application-specific lighting solutions and control systems for a number of industries and professional uses including lighting systems for motion picture and television production, live events, entertainment venues and high-speed testing applications.

Cavitar - Powerful Laser diode illumination
Cavitar Ltd., a pioneer in diode laser illumination technology, offers wide experience in both optics and laser technology, and provide solutions for monitoring a variety of processes accurately, continuously and in real time. Having their own manufacturing facility allow them to provide greater flexibility for customisation.
Gardasoft Vision - High-intensity and high-speed line scan
Formed more than a decade ago to provide turnkey machine vision systems for industry, Gardasoft's core business is the development and manufacture of high-performance LED lighting controllers for machine vision and traffic-based applications. The recently-acquired VCubed product range provides the latest in high-brightness LED technology producing a range of high-intensity lighting solutions.
Plasma Lighting - Full-spectrum lighting for film, slow-motion capture and installations
Plasma combines the daylight balance and high output of HMIs with the energy efficiency, reliability and durability of LEDs, but exceeds both in colour rendering and spectrum. Hive plasma lights save energy without compromising light output or colour quality.
Advanced Illumination - Precision LED lighting for vision and imaging.
Advanced Illumination is committed to reducing or eliminating issues you may encounter when implementing a factory automation lighting solution. AI are widely acknowledged as being an industry leader and an organisation that often sets the bar with first to market innovations.



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