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Frame Grabbers

Frame grabbers for a variety of image acquisition and image analysis are provided and expertly supported by Adept Turnkey. We offer a comprehensive range of grabbers, camera integration services, cabling, software support functionality, triggering, strobing and assistance on achieving fast disc transfers. Contact Adept for advice on frame grabbers for an application best-fit.

  Camera Link    
Camera Link Frame Grabbers The most simple, most efficient but least expensive way to transfer camera data into a computer  
  Camera Link HS    

Camera Link HS Frame Grabber card

Delivering high speed image acquisition and image transfer to the host memory  
CoaXPress Frame grabber High-performance frame grabber provides maximum sustained throughput, minimises CPU usage and improves processing times for the host applications  
LVDS/RS422 Frame grabbers High-performance image acquisition board for parallel output digital area and line scan cameras. Compatible with LVDS (EIA-644) and RS-422 standards  
GigE Frame grabbers GigE Vision supports multiple stream channels and allows for fast, error-free image transfer over very long distances using standard Ethernet cables  
Thunderbolt technology Thunderbolt combines (PCIe) and (DP) into one serial signal and additionally provides DC power, all in one cable. Up to six peripherals may be supported by one connector through various topologies  
Analog Frame grabbers Analogue frame grabbers take the signal from the camera, digitise it and sends the changed signal to the PC's memory  
  Vision Processors    

User-programmable FPGA Vision Processors


Vision processors combine high-speed acquisition capability with user-prorammable FPGAs an graphical FPGA development tools. Vision processors deliver power and flexibility in real-time processing on the PCIe platform  
Firewire Frame Grabbers FireWire boards enable more than one FireWire device to be operated through an individual computer. Having more than one FireWire camera input into the computer allows for multiple camera vision applications to be run from the one computer.  
  For Laptops    
PCMCIA card for laptops PCMCIA-compliant Frame Grabbers for use on notebook (laptop) computers. FireWire standards on PCMCIA Frame Grabber ensure high quality PCMCIA Data Acquisition and PCMCIA video capture at high speeds.  

For more information on our range of frame grabbers and frame grabber cards for image acquisition or to discuss the most efficient grabber for your needs,
please contact one of our experienced vision engineers.


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