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Sherlock is Windows-based machine vision software designed to simplify development and deployment of your imaging application. Sherlock applications are created with no programming whatsoever. Its' GUI allows point-and-click construction of very sophisticated imaging applications. Sherlock features a very rich set of tools along with normal programming construct capabilities such as control loops, subroutines, variables, I/O, communications and more. Sherlock applications can be created easily to significantly reduce the development costs and time to market.
Sherlock software

iNspect is a breakthrough machine vision software inspection tool designed for a broad range of applications, from precision metrology to pharmaceutical packaging. Wrapped within an easy-to-use user interface, iNspect provides a suite of tools that can be readily applied to a multitude of inspection tasks, such as positioning, measuring, identification and flaw detection.
iNspect software


Sapera Vision Software  

Sapera Vision Software offers field proven image acquisition, control, image processing and artificial intelligence functions to design, develop and deploy high-performance machine vision applications. The Sapera Vision Software Suite includes Sapera LT (Acquisition and control libraries), Sapera Processing (Image Processing and AI Libraries) and Astrocyte (AI Training Graphical Tool).

Sapera LT  

Sapera LT is a cost-free software development toolkit (SDK) for image acquisition and control designed for Teledyne DALSA's 2D/3D cameras and frame grabbers. A hardware-independent design allows Sapera LT to provide a robust development environment catering to machine vision original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators. This toolkit facilitates image acquisition from cameras and frame grabbers that adhere to industry standards such as 2D/3D GigE Vision™, CameraLink®, CameraLink HS™, CoaXpress®, and USB3 Vision, including those from Teledyne Lumenera.


Sapera Processing  
Sapera Processing is a Windows®- based comprehensive programming library for image processing and analysis designed to simplify vision application development, Sapera Processing offers a comprehensive set of optimized tools, as a suite or standalone. While Sapera Processing is optimized for use with DALSA Coreco's boards, it is hardware independent to facilitate portability across 3rd party platforms. Sapera uses high-performance C++ classes and MMX, SSE (streaming SIMD Extensions) and SSE2 to meet the challenging operational requirements of today's imaging systems. The Sapera Processing tool set includes:
SAPERA Software Architecture
Teledyne Dalsa's Astrocyte software is an application that delivers artificial intelligence by training neural neural networks on 2D images for a wide variety of applications. Astrocyte offers visualising and interpreting models for optimised performance and reliability. Furthermore, you can export these models for later use at runtime using Teledyne Dalsa's Sapera and Sherlock platforms.


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