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Sherlock is a machine vision point-and-click software environment specifically intended to simplify development and deployment of high performance alignment, gauging, inspection, assembly verification, and machine guidance tasks.

The latest Version of Sherlock (8.12) provides a range of new features and bug-fixes including:
• Windows 11 support
• Expanded support for AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools using Astrocyte
• Support for OPC Unified Architecture for 3rd-party PLC, sensor and application integration
• Support for Neurosys Industrial PC IO controls
• Updated Profinet drivers
• Built-in JavaScript debugger to aid with custom script editing
• Expanded 3D point cloud support including CSV file support (using Z-Trak2 3D profiler)
• ‘ShowEditor’ added to .NET and MFC API to allow opening of editor windows for SH8 functions and instructions
• A number of improvements to .NET and MFC API functions. (Customers should recompile their programs if upgrading to this version)

With no language programming required, System Integrators and End-Users of machine vision find the rapid prototyping environment of Sherlock greatly reduces development time and helps speed up time-to-market.

Sherlock's extensive library of instructions, preprocessors, and algorithms can be combined in a variety of ways to solve simple or very demanding tasks, and the design environment is comprised of multiple configurable windows that can be moved, resized, or hidden to support user preferences.

Maximum design flexibility is provided to allow users to customize algorithms, construct scripts and develop operator interfaces. . The user graphically applies tools to regions of interest on the image, which are then connected through instructions and conditional statements to form a program or investigation. Custom formulas and control operations are easily constructed using the Sherlock script tool and connectivity with the outside is provided through discrete I/O and network commands that support standard factory protocols.

The Sherlock software environment also provides Monitor, Surveillance and SPC Reporter utilities for gaining insight into vision task program flow, internal/external events, internal variables, or other parameters.

The software includes a client design interface installed on a PC that communicates with the server or engine embedded on the camera. During development, images from the camera are fed directly to the Sherlock GUI and commands from the program are executed directly on the camera. This methodology optimizes the user design experience while providing an accurate representation of runtime performance. A secondary interface is available through a standard web browser for device setup, runtime monitoring and firmware updating.

Sherlock software comes embedded into the BOA PRO series of smart cameras.

Benefits Applications

• 32 bit version
• Configure applications from a point-and-click environment - No Programming Required!
• Utilizes a single video monitor for setup, image display, and run-time user interface
• Set up to 5 different Image Preprocessing Algorithms for each AOI
• AOI's can be setup with their own Image Analysis Algorithms
• Peaks, Formulas, Subroutines and I/O events are all created graphically
• Tolerancing of all calculations permits pass/fail and SPC results handling
• Support for custom algorithms
• Highly customized reports can be sent to one or more destinations
• Internal Statistical Process Control (SPC) package.
• Easy tie-in to 3rd-party hardware and software for networking, SPC, custom front-ends

• Assembly Verification
• Gauging
• Flaw Detection
• Presence/Absence
• OCV (Optical Character Verification)
• Robot Guidance
• Barcoding
• OCR (Optical Character Reading; optional)

Shape extraction Allows users to extract and inspect features on parts or assemblies based on their 3 dimensional shape. This includes features that are raised, such as embossed characters, or impressed or indented features, such as stamped or engraved markings.
Design environment The Sherlock Embedded design environment is comprised of multiple configurable windows that can be moved or resized to support custom layouts that suit user preferences. Windows can also be docked with other windows or hidden if not required.
Solution management Open and save solutions, start and stop inspection. Single-step debug operations.
Region of Interest Flexible Area and Line ROI selection; Rectangle, Annulus, Polygon, Torus, Circle, Arc, Point, Polyline, Rake, Rainbow, Bulls-eye and Spoke
Preprocessors Extensive set of conditioning functions that can be applied to a ROI prior to analysis
Measurement tools Precise tools for computing the dimensions on a variety of parts and shapes
Positioning tools Advance pattern finding tools for object alignment and robot guidance.
Analysis tools Tools for finding and counting edges, extracting and analyzing features, detecting contrast variation and performing statistical analysis
Calibration tools Correct for linear, nonlinear and perspective image distortion. Convert camera pixel to real-world coordinates
Colour tools Learn colors for monitoring, classifying, sorting, tracking and counting objects
Identification tools Reads and verifies 1D and 2D codes. Reads and identifies printed, molded or stamped text (OCR)
Script tools JavaScript based scripting tool, complete with drag-and-drop instruction editing, allows you to develop custom formulas or inline and background operations
Custom Algorithms Unique inspection requirements? No problem! Sherlock allows you to add your favorite custom algorithm into the development environment.
User administration Controls for protecting against unauthorized access and copying
Custom interface OCX for designing custom operator interface using Visual Basic or Visual C


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