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Sapera Vision Software
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Sapera Vision Software is a comprehensive solution that provides image acquisition, control, image processing, image analysis, and AI capabilities. The Sapera Software Suite has been designed to meet the needs of applications spanning from precision metrology to pharmaceutical packaging, Sapera Software empowers users to easily design, develop, and deploy high-performance machine vision applications with ease. An easy-to-use interface, the Sapera platform provides a suite of tools that can be readily applied to a multitude of automated inspection tasks, such as positioning, measuring, identification and flaw detection.

Key Features
  • Supports image acquisition from various interfaces such as GigE Vision, USB Vision, CameraLink HS and CoaXPress.
  • Provides field proven image acquisition, image processing and artificial intelligence software API offering a complete suite of classes in C++ and .NET languages.
  • Enables rapid application development based on integrated environment with intuitive user interface.
  • Allows solving complex problems via flexible and powerful AI and image processing algorithms.
Sapera LT
Sapera LT is as an image acquisition and control Software Development Kit (SDK) that has been developed for Teledyne Dalsa’s cameras and frame grabbers. Sapera LT accelerates image acquisition from devices based on standards such as 2D/3D GigE Vision™, CameraLink®, and CameraLink HS™. Sapera LT is provided at no extra cost with Teledyne Dalsa Hardware. The Sapera LT platform also comes equipped with CamExpert Graphical User Interface to simplify the camera configuration process.
Sapera Processing
Sapera Processing is a large library of image processing, image analysis and AI functions designed for application development, integration and deployment. Sapera Processing is the centrepiece and foundation of the overall Sapera Vision Software platform.
Astrocyte is a code-free AI training tool to quickly deploy AI models for machine vision solutions. Astrocyte allows users to capture and then use their own images of products, samples, and defects to train neural networks to perform a variety of tasks such as anomaly detection, classification, object detection, segmentation, and noise reduction. Once generated, Astrocyte also allows users to easily export custom models to files that are ready for runtime in Teledyne Dalsa’s Sapera and Sherlock Vision Software Platforms. With its highly flexible, graphical user interface (GUI), Astrocyte empowers users to visualise and interpret models for performance and accuracy.


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