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Stemmer Imaging

Stemmer Imaging offers a range of the fastest frame grabbers, the most comprehensive line of cameras and has a strong software development efforts coupled with the best know-how amongst the Image Processing houses. They also offer imaging solutions for optics, lighting cabling and custom solutions (including hardware and software accessories), thus providing a complete range of image processing components.

Brief Description
CVB Arithmetic
* Software to combine CVB images arithmetically and logically
* Supports the combination of an image on the basis of a user-defined LUT and the combination of two images with a self-defined LUT
* Supports the reduction of 16 bit-images to 8-bit (cut off) for display and processing
* Supports monochrome images and single layers with a depth of 8 to 16 bit
CVB Barcode
* Software to read 1D and 2D Matrix Codes
* Supports 1D-Barcodes EAN8, EAN13, UPC A, UPC E, 2/5 Diskrete, Interleave, Code 39/93/128, Codebar
* Supports 2D-Codes PDF and Data matrix
CVB Blob
* Software for Object Segmentation
* Recognizes image sections having the same area of grey values
* Supports Run Length Encoding
* Returns object parameters as centroid, area, diameter etc.
CVB Color
* Software to differentiate, determine and process colors
* Includes functionality to find a given color, to filter the image by specified colors and to find ranges of colors
* Includes Color Teach for learning colors
CVB Contour
* Software for contour recognition
* Allows teaching and identifying of any object outlines
* Stores the outline data in a database
* Returns parameters as contour length etc.
CVB Connect
* Network driver for image capturing
* Allocation of image data from a central frame grabber to several clients
* Transfer via Ethernet TCP/IP
CVB Contour
* Software for contour recognition
* Allows teaching and identifying of any object outlines
* Stores the outline data in a database
* Returns parameters as contour length etc.
CVB Edge
* Software for detection of edges and pairs of edges
* Supports detection by threshold and by contrast
* Finds first edge or pairs of edges and determines number of edges
* Supports projections of any AOI, even rotated
CVB Filter
* Software with basic methods for filtering
* Includes Dilatation, Erosion, Edge, Laplace, Low, Pyramid, Sharpen
* Supports user generated filter up to a matrix of 5 x 5 pixels
CVB Lightmeter
* Software for the statistical analysis of image contents
* Returns information as Absolute Pixel Value, Mean, Minimum, Maximum, Variance, Standard Deviation
* Allows easy visualization of data by using the DrawGraph OCX
CVB Manto
* Software to recognize universal objects
* Finds and classifies objects, reads handwritings, recognizes faces etc.
* Based on Support Vector Machines-Technology (SVM)
* Includes Manto Teach for learning new objects
CVB Morpheus
* Software for morphological image analysis
* Includes basic functionality as extraction of morphological Gradients, Opening and Closing
* Includes operators for reconstruction as Hysteresis-Binarysation, Filtering of local and extended extrema
* Includes functions for segmentation
CVB Movie
* Recording of video sequences
* Storage on hard disc
* Use of installed multimedia codecs
CVB Printqual
* Software for print quality inspection
* Allows detection of defects up to sub-pixel accuracy
* Determines size of defects, classifies from heavy to small defects
CVB Quality
* Software for realtime-evaluation of measured information using the SPC-method
* Supports differenet types of quality control charts
* Supports the synchronous monitoring and regulation of a number of quality characteristics
* The automatic calculation of action and warning thresholds is possible
CVB Ramses
* Software for image detection with normalized correlation
* Fast correlation using MMX techniques
* Evaluates Levels for fast, semi-precise or precise Analysis automatically
* Supports working with Sub-Pixels
CVB Sequence
* Software to record and replay image sequences
* Stores image sequences into the computer memory
* Supports endless recording into a ring memory
* Includes saving and opening of sequences and single images
CVB Shapefinder
* Software to recognize objects by using an optimized form of the Hough Transfom
* Orientation- and size-independent recognition
* Includes functions to teach an search any object
* Includes functions to transfer whole images by using the Hough-Transform
CVB Textout
* Software to display text as destructive overlay
* Allows persistent manipulation of image data resp. Inserting of text into the image
* Supports any displaying of user-edited text, system time, application counter etc.




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