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TEMA Camera Control
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TEMA Camera Control software  

Overview: Tool for simultaneously controlling multiple high-speed cameras (different models and different manufacturers), from one single user-interface

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to record or view live images, set parameters, perform image enhancements and automatically download all data. All functions can be performed simultaneously on multiple cameras from one user interface.

The perfect software for combining high-speed cameras from multiple manufacturers - from a crash test situation with 10 or more cameras, to a research project with extremely high demands on resolution, image quality and frame rate. TEMA Camera Control lets the user combine the right cameras suited to their specific project. Also available is the possibility to combine multiple Gigabit-Ethernet cameras with multiple high-speed cameras.

Enterprise Edition
The Enterprise Edition adds a set of new features to TEMA Camera Control. Features that are important for larger customer facilities distinguished by: Pre-defined processes, Test planning systems, Subdivision of tasks, Data storage models, High throughput of tests and repetitive tests.

TEMA Camera Control product information (2.5 Mb)


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