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NirONE Scanner
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The industry's smartest, easiest and most time efficient way for you to build your unique material sensing solution.


The nirONE Scanner by Spectral Engines is a highly intelligent material sensing device. Offering an intelligent cloud system as well as a clever mobile phone app that brings powerful NIR technology into the palm of your hand. The NirONE Scanner will help speed up the market entry of your application and provide you with all the necessary means for developing and ultimately operating it.




Cost effective
Time efficient

The NirONE Scanner product family is a great fit for people looking at small scale market entry, but is similarly great for customers looking to increase production to thousands. Overall, the NirONE scanner offers incredible flexibility which empowers end users to achieve a position in the material sensor market as well as the flexibility to facilitate large-scale business related growth.

With no need for hardware related investments, starting costs are significantly reduced. which makes this sensor a perfect choice for an emerging, high-volume consumer market

Spectral Engines next generation technology enables increased uptime and the ability to optimize manufacturing processes.

What it includes?

- Portable material scanners
- NirONE Scanner Mobile App
- NirONE Scanner Web App
- Cloud platform

The all in one solution is continually upgraded based on advanced algorithms to ensure it maintains its powerful capabilities.






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