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pco 1300 solar
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This versatile high performance 12 bit CCD camera system is specifically designed for electro luminescence (EL) applications in the range of 850nm - 1200nm. The pco.1300 solar has an extraordinary quantum efficiency of up to 11 % @ 900nm. At the heart of the camera is an FPGA processor allowing for sophisticated control and accurate timing of the CCD and associated electronics.

In addition, a proprietary offset control algorithm has been developed which provides very high offset stability, regardless of ambient temperature or signal changes ensuring accurate and repeatable quantitative data over long periods of time. The pco.1300 solar’s most unique feature is its increased sensitivity in the NIR range of the spectrum. ROI, binning, cooling, as well as other features of the camera can be selected and optimized to accommodate the user's application. Camera features excellent resolution (1392 x 1040 pixel), 12 bit dynamic range, exposure time 5 µs to 1 hour, internal frame buffer for continuous image capture (64 MB min), excellent low noise of 7 e¯ rms @ 10 MHz, selectable regulated cooling to 5 ºC, standard interface IEEE1394a, optimal offset stability and control (< 1 count).

This low light camera system is perfectly suited for many sensitive and low noise imaging applications, such as solar cell quality control, NIR fluorescence imaging, EL applications etc..

Model pco 1300 solar
Resolution 1392 x 1040
Sensor 2/3” CCD
Pixel Size 6.45 x 6.45µm
Video Output Firewire IEEE 1394a
Max. Line/Frame Rate 11.7 fps
Pixel Scan 10 / 20 MHz
Lens Mount C-mount
Exposure Time 5 μs .. 1 h
Operating Temp +10 .. +40
Power 18..28 V, 20W
Dimensions 113 x 104 x 110 mm³
Weight 1.1 kg

The Cooke Corporation pco 1300 solar Camera Datasheet




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