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IQ Base
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Store, manage and extract knowledge from your images and data

IQbase is a powerful image asset management solution that helps you to store, query, and share large numbers of images and data.  Improve efficiency and collaboration both within and outside of your organization while protecting your valuable images. 

Protect and Manage Your Images & Data

With IQbase, you’ll spend less time managing and archiving your images and more time on your work.  IQbase databases are easy to setup and allow for as much customization as you need to match your workflow.  Quickly add and categorize your images and data to preserve your organization’s valuable knowledge.

  • Maximize Your Image Investments
  • Easily Setup & Manage Your Database
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks
  • Drag & Drop Files into IQbase
  • Categorize Your Images
  • Automatically Archive Image Header Data

Share Images Online with IQbrowser

How much time do you spend collecting images for others? Not only does it take time to locate the right images, but in order to share them, you must take time to zip them up, send them via email, place them on an ftp site or burn a CD. Wouldn�t it be easier to simply send a web URL that offers instant access to your images? With IQbase, you can share your archived images over the Internet using the IQbrowser online interface. Easily share your images, data, query results and more.

  • Secure Your Images with Access Control
  • Search for Images Online
  • Upload Images Via the Web
  • View Large Image Files Online

Search and Find what You are Looking For

Do you ever forget where you placed your images? Or do you waste time waiting for others to send you their images through email or on DVDs?  With the sophisticated search tools in IQbase, you can locate images using a variety of variables, such as customizable keywords and other metadata fields.

Streamline Your Workflow

If you work with images, you may have already developed a system for acquiring, naming and managing your image files. We recognize that no two companies or people function in exactly the same way. This is why IQbase offers a flexible interface and database structure that allows you to customize it to fit your specific workflow.

  • Minimize the Time it Takes to Get Started
  • Work with a Flexible Database Structure
  • Setup Databases that Work the Way You Do
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks

Review & Compare Archived Images

Learn more about your archived images using the variety of image display, comparison and measurement tools found in IQbase. Unlike most database products that simply store your images, IQbase offers a robust workspace for exploring the full depth of your images and data.

  • Review Images and Data Simultaneously
  • Explore Patterns and Trends with Image Analytics Tools
  • Visually Compare Multiple Images
  • Explore Very Large Image Files

Report Your Findings

Your image data has little value unless you are able to communicate and share it with others. In addition to making your images available online using IQbrowser, IQbase offers built-in tools and features which make it easy for you report and share your findings with others.

  • Add Text and Highlight Areas of Interest
  • Automatically Create Custom Reports
  • Send Images & Data to Excel & PowerPoint


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