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HALCON is MVTec's comprehensive standard software library with an integrated development environment (IDE) for use in machine vision, medical imaging, surveillance and image analysis applications.

Providing outstanding performance and comprehensive support of multi-core platforms, AVX, and SSE2, as well as GPU acceleration. HALCON serves all industries with a library of more than 1800 operators for blob analysis, morphology, matching, measuring, identification, and 3D vision, to name just a few. (The full library can be accessed from common programming languages like C, C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, and Delphi.)

HALCON secures your investment by supporting the operating systems Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X and guarantees hardware independence by providing interfaces to hundreds of industrial cameras and frame grabbers, including GenICam, GigE Vision, and IIDC 1394.

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Powerful 3D vision - surface-based 3D matching, multi-view stereo, 3D primitives fitting

** an outstanding amount of 3D vision methods - making it the only software needed.
** multi-view stereo enables an unlimited number of cameras for 3D reconstruction which compensates occlusions and guarantees robust robotics applications.
** comprehensive calibration technology and multi-view 3D calibration for any number of cameras
** able to fit 3D primitives by analyzing 2 ½ D point clouds.
First class matching in any dimension - local deformable matching, faster 3D matching
** local deformable matching, faster 3D matching
** allows model generation for deformable matching methods from DXF files
** considerably faster shape-based 3D matching and fast pose refinement
Best basis for identification applications - smart text finder for OCR, auto-discrimination of bar code types
** provides a smart text finder for robust and easy segmentation in OCR applications
** supports an automatic training mode based on sample images, autodiscrimination of bar code types, and faster reading of composite codes.
Fast and smart
** efficient automatic GPU acceleration based on the OpenCL standard isprovided for highest performance
** extended and improved operator parallelization for multi-core processing has been included to further speed up the library
** reduction in the main memory useage
Other features
Broad range of HDevelop application examples Dialog for breakpoint management
Numerous image acquisition interfaces Automatic generation of OCR classifiers from system fonts
Operators for thread synchronization Transformation of visualization settings into HDevelop code
Password protection of entire HDevelop programs Error and warning message console
3D matching with increased robustness in cluttered images

Surface Inspection Positioning / Alignment Quality Assurance
Completeness Inspection Print Inspection Identification
Measuring Medical Image Analysis Packaging
Surveillance & Security Automotive & Robotics Food, Health & Life Sciences
Board, Wafer & Die Inspection Remote Sensing & Aerial Imaging  

3D Vision Multi-View 3D Calibration OCR & OCV
Morphology Bar Code & Data Code Reading Blob Analysis
1D Measuring 2D Measuring - Subpixel Edge Detection Surface-based 3D Matching
Descriptor-based Matching 3D Measuring - Stereo Vision Shape-based 3D Matching
Deformable Matching Component/correlation-based Matching Shape-based Matching

All common bar codes can be read in any orientation even with an element width of only 1.5 pixels.


HALCON12 New Features
HALCON12 brochure (comprehensive - 5MB)



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