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Xtium CXP PX8
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The Xtium-CXP-PX8 frame grabber expands on the already established and field-proven capabilities of Teledyne Dalsa's Xtium grabber family. Constructed using PCI Express Gen 2.0, the Xtium-CXP achieves rapid access to host memory. The Xtium-CXP series delivers high performance frame grabbers for high bandwidth connectivity to CoaXPress cameras. When plugged into PCI x8 slots, the Xtium-CXP is capable of up to 3.4 GByte/s bandwidth.

Built with enhanced memory, The Xtium-CXP-PX8 is suited to both area and line scan applications for colour or monochrome cameras. The Xtium-CXP-PX8 offers four input CXP input channels for image acquisition each at up to 6.25 Gbit/s. Further, the Xtium-CoaXPress frame grabber minimises CPU load with Direct Memory Access and empowers system designers with substantially reduced processing times.

The Xtium CoaXPress supports Teledyne Dalsa's Sapera LT Trigger-to-Image-Reliability (T2IR). Reliability of the imaging system can be enhanced with critical, real-time details of system events. With T2IR processes can be tracked and monitored, so that acquisition, transfer and control is optimised during development. Saperal LT libraries or a standalone utility - Sapera Monitor, can call hardware and software functions from user applications. Sapera Monitor can be run with no changes to the user application. An intuitive GUI with user selectable events enables detailed reports while image acquisition and transfer commands are being executed by the user application.

Key Features
• Half-length PCIe Gen2 x8 board
• Supports Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 Windows 10 64 and 32-bit O/S
• Fully supported by Sapera LT SDK Trigger-to-Image-Reliability framework
Support 4 input channels of up to 6.25 Gb/s
• Camera format: CoaXPress 1.10 compatible
Maximum image acquisition input bandwidth up to 2.4 GB/s
FCC, CE, China RoHS compliant
Maximum host bandwidth up to 3.4 GB/s

Board Type
Host Bus
PCIe Gen2 x8
Board Interface
Transmission Rate
1.0, 1.25. 2.5, 3.125 and 6.25Gbs
Sapera LT SDK, Sapera Vision Software
Bits per Pixel
Mono: 8, 10, 12, 14, & 16; RGB: 8, 10, and 12-bit


About Sapera LT
Sapera LT is an image acquisition and control software development toolkit (SDK) for Teledyne DALSA’S cameras and frame grabbers. Hardware independent, Sapera LT offers a rich development system for machine vision OEMs and system integrators. Sapera LT supports image acquisition from cameras and frame grabbers based on standards including GigE Vision™, CameraLink® and CameraLink HS™.

Image processing and analysis functions provided by Sapera include over 400 image processing primitives, barcode tool, pattern matching tools both area-based and edge-based, OCR, color, blob analysis, measurement and calibration tools for perspective and lens correction. The standard tools run-time license includes access to image processing functions, area based (normalized correlation based) template matching tool, blob analysis and lens correction tool.


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