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Phantom v5.2
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Full-featured and low in cost, consider the Phantom 52 to serve your needs for a high-speed, digital monochrome or colour imaging solution.

Working with the Phantom v5.2
Working with the camera's resolution
A frame rate of up to 1 000 pictures per second is possible at full resolution (1152 x 896 pixels) and with a widescreen format. Lowering the resolution increases the speed resulting in up to 148,000 pictures-per-second at 96 x 8. Adjusting the resolution in any combination of 96 x 8 pixels allows the user to obtain the field-of-view and the speed needed. For most subjects the rectangular aspect ratio puts more active pixels on the subject for higher image resolution.

Working with the camera's sensitivity
Based on the ISO 12232 standard and measured without the benefit of any noise reduction filtering which can alter the data in the image, the v5.2's sensitivity is rated at 2400 ISO (monochrome) and 600 ISO (colour). Supplied with up to 12 bits of grayscale information for each pixel, previously unseen details can be extracted from images.

With an electronic shutter speed down to 2µs, crisp images free of motion blur on fast-moving objects is possible.

Working with the camera's controls
The camera is controlled via Gigabit Ethernet from a PC or laptop. Setting up and managing the camera is done through the packaged Phantom software application, which is also used to review, edit and save images. The software runs on Windows XP or Vista.

The camera can be triggered from software or from external sources. Multiple cameras can also be synchronized to a master camera or external time base.

The v5.2 features a video-out port that supports NTSC, PAL, SD-SDI and 720p HD-SDI formats.

Additional features at-a-glance
*** Extreme Dynamic Range (dual-slope integration within a single frame)
*** Automatic Exposure
*** Multi-cine recording
*** IRIG timing
*** Rugged Hi-G Configuration (1.5GB Version)
*** F-mount lensing (C-mount optional)
*** Available in 1.5GB, 3GB, 6GB and 12GB versions. Memory can also be upgraded (excluding the 1.5GB version).
*** The 1.5GB version does not require active cooling
*** The 3GB, 6GB and 12GB versions feature active cooling

Model Phantom v5.2
Resolution 1152 x 896 - 8bit, 10bit, 12bit
Sensor CMOS
Video Output NTSC, PAL, SD-SDI, 720p HD-SDI, GigE
Max. Frame Rate 1000 fps (full resolution) to 148,000 ( @ 96x8 pixels)
Memory 1.5GB - 12GB
Mount Type F-mount with optional C-mount
Operating Temp 10 °C – +40 °C

Vision Research Phantom v5.2 Camera Datasheet




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