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Phantom v2512
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Phantom v1610 left-front side

Capturing images at high resolution and at ultra-high speeds, the Phantom v2512 is ideal for researchers, scientists and engineers where speed and flexibility are paramount considerations.

The benefits
The proprietary sensor

The CMOS colour or mono sensor can acquire and save more than 25 gigapixels-per-second of data full megapixel resolution of 1280 x 800. Reduced resolution enables frame rates of up to 677 600 fps. Ordering the camera with the FAST option expands the v2512's versatility by providing frame rates up to 1000 000 fps at 128 x 32. The FAST option also provides a minimum exposure time of 265ns irrespective of frame rate or resolution.

An innovative design combined with the sensor's 28 micron pixels ensures the appropriate light sensitivity that is required in high-dpeed imaging.

Memory and storage management
Maximum flexibility is provided via either 72GB, 144GB or 288GB of high-speed memory that can be divided into up to 63 segments.

Additionally, cine save times can be minimised using the Phantom CineMag IV, an option that saves any shot from high-speed RAM to a 1TB or 2TB CineMag in seconds. With the ability to save 1GB/s of data to an attached CineMag IV, a 288GB shot can be saved in under 5 minutes and the cine securely stored in non-volatile memory.

Easy to use
Easy access is assured with common signal connections conveniently located on the back panel, which include connections for timecode, dual power inputs, HD-SDI, a GPS input, frame synchronization, and trigger. The two HD-SDI ports can act as identical 4:2:2 HD-SDI ports with one port set up to provide an (optional) on-screen display for monitoring the on-camera controls and camera operation. They can also be configured as a single 4:4:4 Dual-Link HD-SDI port.

Phantom Features
  • Image-Based Auto-Trigger
  • Event Marking
  • Multi-Cine
  • Extreme Dymanic Range
  • Frame Rate Profile
  • Auto Shutter / Auto Black Reference
  • Image Search
  • Range Data
  • Continuous Recording
  • Auto Exposure
  • Burst Mode Acquisition
  • Measurements with PCC
  • Quiet fans- eliminates vibration
  • PIV features
  • Fast 10G Ethernet download
  • Internal mechanical shutter
  • Comprehensive connectivity
  • LCD touch screen for feature access
Note: not all features are available on all Phantom cameras. See data sheet for specifics
Phantom V2512
Resolution - full
1280 x 800
CMOS , 28 µm pixel size, 12-bit depth, Mono and colour
72 GB, 144 GB, 288 GB high-speed internal RAM. CineMag IV for non-volatile storage (1 TB, 2 TB)
Throughput speed
25 Gpx/s. Record directly to CineMag at up to 1Gpx/second
Maximum frames
25 000 fps at full resolution; up to 1 000 000 at reduced resolution with FAST option
Ethernet connection
Gb Ethernet for both control and data; 10 Gb Ethernet (UTP copper interface)
Video Out
Analog video (NTSC or PAL) available on Break-out-Box
Two HD-SDI ports on camera
Component viewfinder port
28 x 19 x 18.88 cm (L, W, H) without handle or lens. Handle adds (5.7 cm) to height. 8.1 kg
-10 to +50 C - operating. -20 to + 70 C - storage
100 - 240 VAC, 220 Watt power supply included
20 - 28 VDC backup battery input on camera back panel
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Vision Research Phantom v2512 Camera Datasheet




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