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Phantom TMX
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The Phantom TMX series of high speed cameras institutes the first high speed camera series that uses a backside illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor. Increased speeds present a need for increased light and with the BSI sensor found in Phantom TMX cameras this issue is addressed by locating the metal parts of a traditional sensor that interfere with incident light to the photodiode to the back of the sensor.

The TMX is part of a generation of cameras that deliver premium features and optimised performance for scientific applications. Flexibility is key to ensuring that the TMX 7510 is capable of producing images that scientific analysts require.

Phantom TMX 7510

The Phantom TMX 7510 has 75 Gigapixel throughput which can provide over 76,000 fps at a full 1 Mpx resolution of 1280 x 800. At the reduced resolution of 1280 x 32, the TMX 7510 delivers a frame rate of 1,750,000 fps.

Phantom TMX 6410

The Phantom TMX 6410 has a 64 Gigapixel throughput which can provide over 65,940 fps at a full 1Mpx resolution of 1280 x 800. At the reduced resolution of 1280 x 32, the TMX 6410 produces the frame rate of 1,516,000.

The TMX series provide higher resolutions than possible before for applications needing high frame rates. For example, the 6410 can reach over 300,000 fps at 1280 x 160 or 640 x 320 with FAST mode.

Phantom TMX 5010
The Phantom TMX 5010 provides 50,725 fps at its full 1Mpx (1280 x 800) resolution. The TMX 5010 capitalises on the same high-speed Back Side Illuminated sensor as other TMX models. With a 50Gpx/second throughput, the TMX 5010 offers significant application flexibility and other powerful features such as enhanced sensitivity and memory capabilities.

The TMX 5010 when run in Region of Interest mode for higher frame rates is able to do so at higher resolutions. The TMX 5010 also provides a FAST mode for increased frame rates. The FAST option feature allows the TMX 5010 to reach speeds of up to 1.16 million fps at reduced resolutions.

Due to the TMX's high light sensitivity and incredibly high frame rates, it makes it perfectly suited to ballistics e.g. gunshot analysis or explosives etc.
Digital Image Correlation (DIC)
Digital Image Correlation is a non-contact method of observing how an object is affected by impact and vibration. It can also be used to create 3D imaging of the object to help researches take exact measurements.
Combustion applications often have unique difficulties that need to be overcome. Aside from being exceptionally fast events they often have lighting issues as they quickly fluctuate between being very dark and very bright. Phantom cameras have features that aid researchers in dealing with these issues.
Droplet Analysis / PIV
Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) or droplet analysis, is a research method that allows scientists to observe the flow of air, water, and other invisible elements. Phantom cameras are equipped with high-resolution sensors to make particle tracking simple.
Key Features
Incredible speeds for high-speed applications:
- Very high native light sensitivity, made possible by backside illuminated CMOS sensor
- 2 performance models offer extreme high frame rates at larger resolutions, up to 1.75 million fps at 1280 x 32 and 640 x 64
- Real data for real results: frame rates are actual with no interpolation.
Focus on data management:
- Record multiple experiments with up to 512 GB of memory that can be portioned up to 511 times
- 10 Gb Ethernet is standard for the fastest data download directly from the camera's RAM buffer
- Use the Phantom CineMag V for up to 8TB of non-volatile memory and fast image transfer

TMX 7510
TMX 6410
TMX 5010
Top FPS at max resolution
76,000 65,940 50,725
Maximum FPS/Max FPS with FAST option
772,050 (standard) / 1,750,000 with FAST option 758,330 (standard) / 1,516,660 with FAST option 583,330, 1,166,660 with FAST option
75 Gigapixel 64 Gigapixel 50 Gigapixel
Maximum Resolution
1280 x 800
Bit Depth
Sensor Type
Backside illumination, CMOS
Sensor Size
23.7 mm x 14.8 mm
Pixel size/Binned pixel size
18.5 µm/37 µm
Electronic Shutter
Global Shutter
10 GB and gibabit standard
Ram Buffer
128GB, 256GB, 512GB RAM options













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