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Phantom Flex4K digital cinema camera
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• 4K at up to 1000 fps
• Low-noise, excellent dynamic range
• Records ultra-high-speed & standard frame rates
• Support RAW and compressed* recording formats
Phantom Flex4K - flexible enough to cater to different production styles

• On-camera control interface
• Playback/save controls on both sides of camera
• Memory can be partitioned for multi-cine
• Genlock for simplified 3D shooting and synchronizing video playback

Built on Phantom award-winning technology, the Phantom Flex4k provides the best of both worlds by offering features found in the latest cine cameras with those found only in speciality cameras.

Adaptable and feature-rich
This full-featured digital camera is capable of capture speeds that range from standard frame rates; to 1000 frames-per-second at 4K pixel resolution; to 2000 frames-per-second at 2K pixel resolution.

The ability to shoot in variable frame rates is not the only benefit. The Phantom Flex4K also offers a flexible workflow by providing the option to record either uncompressed raw or with industry-standard compression. Add to that, the ability to move data quickly using the latest in non-volatile storage. Plus, a complete on-camera control menu does away with the need for a computer on set.

Advantages for the cinematographer
Specially designed
With the ability to shoot from inside-studio right through to shooting in extreme and varied conditions, the Phantom Flex4K is specifically designed for the cinematographer's convenience in mind.

Simplicity, flexibility and convenience
Controlling the camera is made easy and intuitive with a comprehensive on-camera control interface for both basic and advanced camera operation. Capture and recording parameters can be set up before the shoot while still retaining the ability for immediate adjustment of common parameters (eg frame rate and exposure settings) by pushing a button. Additionally, a seamless workflow for different shooting environments is provided by having a capture, trigger, playback and save controls on both sides of the camera. Remote control is also possible with a handheld Phantom RCU.

Workflow features
Performance characteristics
35mm depth-of-field at 4K resolution, the camera's 9.4 megapixel sensor captures in exceptional detail with an impressive dynamic range and low noise, providing excellent image quality and low-light performance. (The sensor's low-noise performance capability allows for the effective ISO to be dialed in with the camera's Exposure Index function without significant loss of image quality). Additionally, clever temperature control and a streamlined design enables quick-shooting while maintaining an ultra-stable image.

Bundled PC- and Mac-based Workflow software solutions
The Phantom Flex4k ships with both Windows- and Mac-based download solutions. Further, one licence of Glue Tools Cine Toolkit and Seance download software for the Mac is also provided which facilitates the downloading of Cine raw files directly in Mac OSX as well as provide direct compatibility with most Quicktime-based edit and colour-grading software.

Also included is the PC-only Phantom PCC controller software for downloading, file conversion and full camera control with now includes both h.264 and Apple ProRes encoding for Phantom Cine raw files.

Expanded recording options
The camera's option of 64 GB internal RAM enables "loop mode" to be selected for the fastest high-speed workflow as it allows recording into the RAM buffer at the camera's top speed. The camera can then be triggered to offload the files quickly to an attached Phantom CineMag IV hot-swappable, recording media, available in sizes up to 2TB. Longer recording times using run/stop mode can be delivered directly to the CineMag IV. This option is especially valuable when ultra-high speed is not required. (At 24 fps, almost two hours of raw 4K footage can be recorded directly into the CineMag.)

Another workflow option is the capacity to record the HD-SDI video playback with a video-based field recorder. Easy to find and to use, these devices advantage of the camera's in-camera video scaling for high-quality 4:4:4 1080p or 4:2:2 4K video via two 3G HD-SDI outputs.

File compression
Phantom cameras generate Cine raw files that are uncompressed and maintain the maximum information for post-processing. Being compatible with many of the industry's top colour-grading software packages, the files can also be converted to a variety of formats using the shipped software.

Image monitoring and video outputs
Each of the camera’s 4x total 3G HD-SDI outputs, and 1x return is customizable for monitoring with adjustable frame guides, and/or a clean output for use with field recorders. All HD-SDI outputs support video scaling for a sharp 4:4:4 1080p output of the camera’s full sensor. Two of the 3G HD-SDI outputs can also be combined for a 4:2:2 ultra-HD signal, which will allow the full resolution to be viewed on 4K production monitors.

The viewfinder and monitor feeds can be set to show a live feed so that the DP can follow the action and frame up the next shot while the last shot is still being saved or played from the other outputs. Zoom (focus assist) and threshold (exposure assist) functions are also included.

Options and accessories
Optional battery back
Various optional battery backs are available at time of purchase (they can also be purchased later as an accessory).

A Phantom-branded HD OLED viewfinder is also part of the system. This new EVF has full HD resolution, high quality optics and an extremely crisp and bright display. By incorporating the camera’s ancillary data it includes features custom to the Phantom Flex4K, such as overlay menus and display modes. The camera will also support existing component based HD viewfinders, and can be configured with a Fischer or optional Hirose viewfinder port.

CineMag IV - for memory-hungry high-speed imaging
CineMag IV is the new, 2TB, hot-swappable, non-volatile memory solution for Phantom digital high-speed video cameras. Record into camera RAM and “upload" the recording to a CineMag in seconds eliminating camera down time while saving cine files from volatile memory. If the application demands longer record times than what is available in the camera's memory, recording can be made directly to a CineMag using a compatible Phantom camera at speeds up to approximately 800 megapixels-per-second. Once saved in the CineMag, the data is secure and the next shot can be taken almost immediately.

Model Phantom Flex4k
Resolution Full resolution 4096 x 2160 @ 1000 fps; 1920 x 1080 @ 2000 fps
Pixel size 6.75 micron
Sensor size 27.7 x 15.5mm
Maximum frame rates 4096 x 2304 (max res) 900 fps; 4096 x 2160 (4K standard) 1000 fps; 1280 x 720 (16 x 9) 3000 fps
Video Out

3G HD-SDI video outputs; 1 additional SDI output at front for viewfinder. 1 SDI return (includes Genlock support)

Memory up to 64 GB internal ram
Lens mount PL (standard), Nikon F/G; & Canon EF (coming soon)
Dimensions (LxWxH); 29.2 x 14 x 20 cm
Weight 6.3 kg without lens or viewfinder

Vision Research Phantom Flex4k Camera Datasheet




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