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VCSBC Quadro
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The VCSBC Quadro board camera comes with four ports making this product an ideal solution for applications that require a high resolution along the x or y axis since all four sensor heads can be installed in a row.

Functioning by overlapping parts of pictures taken by neighbouring sensors, the Quadro compiles the individual images with a 752 x 480 pixel resolution into a complete 3.008 x 480 pixel image and the hardware design ensures synchronous operation of all connected sensors - a trigger signal initiating image capture at exactly the same time. Consequently, the the VCSBC Quadro can be used as a low-cost stereo camera.

The VCSBC Quadro provides 32 MB Flash and 128 MB DDRAM for program and image storage. The integrated processor has a computing power of 5 600 MIPS. An ethernet interface and an optional RS232 interface enable integration into automation environments.

Model VCSBC Quadro
Sensor CMOS
Resolution 752 x 480
Memory 32 MB Flash and 128 MB DDRAM for program and image storage
Computational Power 5 600 MIPS
Ports 4 outputs
Video output: Ethernet and optional RS232






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