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SisuROCK - Hyperspectral core imaging station
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Fully-automated drill core and geological sample analysis station
providing rapid collection and detailed information for mining and geological projects

Mineral identification on different wavelength ranges
SisuRock gives complete, uniform and consistent surface analysis of all drill core for immediate, on-site decision-making. It provides an efficient and high-throughput production tool for the mining industry, a versatile and flexible analysis tool for geological research applications and makes classification and mapping of minerals and drill core samples more specific and reliable.

Acquiring data from hundreds of meters of core per day without any sample preparation, hyperspectral imaging data can be turned into consistent and objective mineral maps along the core and across the site.

What it does
Geological samples, such as drill cores, can rapidly be mapped for nearly all minerals using hyperspectral imaging. SisuROCK generates an image where each pixel contains a full spectrum, unique to each mineral. High speed, automated computer algorithms identify the minerals and convert the data into mineral maps of the samples
. (See image far right).

SisuROCK is capable of providing the data collection rate required in large exploration and industrial projects and imaging takes place with high spatial resolution for optimal sample structural detail and with high spectral resolution providing discrimination of mineral spectral signatures.

How it works

Implementing high-speed, pushbroom hyperspectral imaging, the SisuROCK is a fully-equipped turnkey solution where the measurement process is made as easy as possible.

The sample box is placed on the scanning tray and the user inputs required create the metadata in order to search the information stored at a later time. Each scan automatically starts with built-in calibration measurements which include dark and internal white reference images and scans the surface in either high-speed or high-resolution mode. Hyperspectral imaging data of a whole core box is acquired in less than 15 seconds and after scanning, the user views preliminary information for quality control and acceptance.

Options available for different applications
(Above) SisuROCK detail
(Below) Rock core sample in box
Mineral mapping example with each colour indicating a different mineral
One or two cameras
SisuROCK can abe equipped with one or two cameras with the default camera being within the SWIR spectral range. The SWIR camera can be accompanied with either an RGB or a VNIR spectral camera.

Thermal imaging option
SisuROCK can be equipped with a thermal imager - a standalone LWIR hyperspectral camera, providing additional mineral recognition. Paired with the the SWIR range, it covers the majority of existing minerals.

Key benefits  
Turnkey hyperspectral drill core imaging Consistent, objective and immediate analysis Creates digital and remotely accessible image library
No sample preparation required Data acquisition required only once High-speed for larger projects
Built-in data QA/QC routines Provides detailed knowledge for decision-making Optimised operational costs
Specifications SisuROCK
Spectral Range
Number of spectral bands
96 (8 x binning)
Spectral resolution
10 nm
2.8 nm
Not applicable
Pixel size on target*
HR: 0.2 mm
HR: 0.09 mm
HR: 0.016 mm
HS: 2.0 mm
HS: 0.64 mm
HS: 0.16 mm
Number of pixels/image line
1 000
4 000
Scan rate
HR: 20 mm / s
HR: 15 mm / s
HR: 20 mm / s
HS: 200 mm / s
HS: 110 mm / s
HS: 200 mm / s
Scan time for single core box**
15 seconds
20 seconds
15 seconds
Maximum sample size
1 500 x 640 x 200 mm (L x W x H), 50 kg
System dimensions
4 944 x 1 512 x 2 551 mm (L x W x H), 650 kg
Overall system weight
~ 650 kg
Cooling requirements
No external cooling required. Air-conditioned room recommended
Operating conditions
Laboratory type environment. Small amount of dust accepted
Operating temperature
0 to +40°C, non-condensing
Operating voltage
110 to 220 V and 50/60 Hz clean power supply
* HR - High Resolution mode for single core measurement. HS - High Speed mode for single core box measurement
** 1.5 m long core box. Including calibration measurements

SisuROCK data sheet





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