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SisuCHEMA - Hyperspectral chemical imaging system
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Combining NIR spectroscopy with high-res imaging

Chemical imaging not only creates the knowledg-base for material identification, it also provides spatial distribution, concentration clustering and other statistical information.

Speed, simplicity and high performance in near-infrared imaging, are characteristics of the SisuCHEMA system providing the user with several advantages: high speed, low heat load from illumination and flexibility with most sample shapes and sizes. SisuCHEMA is the only chemical imaging technique offering a direct application path from laboratory to real-time process.

What the SisuCHEMA does
SisuCHEMA is a stand-alone, complete chemical workstation. Samples are placed into specially-designed sample trays, and by using the ChemaDAQ data acquisition software, the spectral image is acquired and saved in seconds. By combining NIR spectroscopy with high-resolution imaging, the SisuCHEMA provides detailed information on the chemical components, their quantities and distributions within the sample - invaluable information for the characterization and quality assurance of advanced materials, where the functionality of the material is dependent on its chemical and physical structure.

While the maximum sample size is 200 x 300 x 45 mm, the system can image samples of 10 mm or smaller at a very high pixel resolution of 30 microns, and offers flexible settings to coarser resolutions.

SisuCHEMA works like a high speed linescan camera. It acquires and builds the spectral image of a moving sample line by line, and simultaneously acquires all wavelengths for each line. This imaging technique is ideal solution for on-line process monitoring, where samples are in continuous motion providing a significant advantage to the user. SisuCHEMA employs pushbroom imaging, acquiring the image one line at a time while scanning the sample on a moving sample tray. Each line has a 320 pixel field of view and the variable scanning length allows the user to image longer samples, or multiple sequential samples, in a single linear scan where the maximum scanning length is 300 mm.

Easy to configure, simple to use and with a high data capture rate, material-scanning can be monitored in real time on screen and can provide a direct application path from the laboratory to real-time process.

Coming pre installed with the UmBio Evince hyperspectral image analysis software allows users instant application processing, chemical calibrations and predictions directly within the sisuCHEMA system.

About the camera
SisuCHEMA is based on hyperspectral camera operating in the near-infrared range with high spectral resolution. Light throughput is 10 to 20 times higher than similar instruments that implement tunable filters, providing considerably faster imaging under similar illumination conditions. Requiring only line illumination allows for a significant reduction of heat load on the sample. In addition, SPECIM’s unique line illumination technique optimizes the imaging of various surfaces and textures.

The SisuCHEMA is ideal for pharmaceutical, geological, agricultural applications where high spatial resolution is required and samples are small and on-line process monitoring, where samples are in continuous motion.
• Geology • Tablet analysis • Blister package inspection • Blend uniformity • Food and Dairy • Forensics
• Agricultural Material Screening • Granule Size and Size Distribution   • Life Science  
Specifications SisuCHEMA
Spectral Range
400 - 1 000 nm
900 - 1 700 nm
1 000 - 2 500 nm
Spectral sampling/pixel
0.78 - 6.27 nm
4 nm
6.3 nm
Spectral resolution
2.8 nm
6 nm
10 nm
Spatial pixels/ line
Pixel size on sample
38 - 152 µm
Scalable from 30 to 600 microns
Field of view on sample
50 - 200 mm
Scalable from 10 to 200 mm
Maximum sample size
200 x 300 x 45 mm (WxLxT)
Typical scanning time
< 7 s for single 320 x 320 pixel image capture with 256 spectral bands

SisuCHEMA data sheet




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