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Measuring plant fluorescence
Intended for ground and airborne measurement of solar-stimulated fluorescence from plants, Specim's latest offering, the robust and very-high-spectral AisaIBIS, is suitable for use in research institutions for tackling problems relating to forestry, farming, climate and carbon cycle.

The most valuable feature of AisaIBIS is its ability to measure the secret light of plants, the weak sun induced fluorescence signal. During the photosynthesis, plants convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy that fuels organism growth. During that process part of the absorbed light energy is emitted back as a faint glow, the fluorescence. Measured fluorescence can be used as an indicator of photosynthetic activity of the plant thus telling its health and vitality.

Directly measuring how well plants are growing by using a technique called the Fraunhofer Line Depth Method, the weak fluorescence signal is detected and quantified at the bottom of the two oxygen absorbtion lines in the specific spectral region of 670 - 780 nm. By applying SPECIM's high light throughput (F/1.7) imaging spectrometer and sCMOS camera technology, low noise, high dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio are achieved with excellent spectral sampling (0.11 nm) and superb image quality even at the high image rate required in flight conditions.

Sensor sCMOS, snapshot mode
Spectral range 670 - 780 nm
Spectral sampling 0.11 / 0.22 nm
Spectral bands 1000
Detector cooling Peltier
Optics temperature stabilisation Yes
Frame rate Up to 100 Hz
Spatial pixels 384 / 768
Output USB / RS232
Signal-to-noise ratio 680:1 (at max. signal level)
Input voltage 18 - 36 VDC
Power consumption Nominal 135 W, Max 200W
Storage temperature - 20 ... +50 ºC
Operating temperature + 5 ... +40 ºC, non-condensing
Size (L x W x H) Sensor: 588 x 227 x 160 mm. Power supply and control unit: 300 x 190 x 130 mm  
Weight Sensor: 14.2 kg. Power supply and control unit: approx 5 kg  
Shutter Electro-mechanical shutter for dark image acquisition  

aisaIBIS data sheet




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