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AisaHAWK: High performance, small and low maintenance SWIR

SPECIM's AISA systems are ruggedised spectral imaging solutions dedicated to airborne, defence and other remote sensing applications, producing high-quality hyperspectral images, where each singly measured spectrum has precise, calibrated ground coordinates. The systems cover VNIR, SWIR and LWIR spectral ranges. All AISA sensors can also be used for ground-based hyperspectral imaging.

The system includes integrated:
• The AisaHAWK sensor
• High-performance GPS / IMU sensor
• Data acquisition and power unit with user-friendly interface and image acquisition software
• CaliGeoPro software for pre-processing

AisaHAWK - high-speed data acquisition at high sensitivity
Designed to provide high-quality data in the SWIR range (970 - 2 500 nm) the spectral range at which temperature has a marked effect on sensor stability. AisaHAWK employs sensitivity-cooled MCT SWIR detector technology and temperature stabilized optics in order to ensure the highest stability and signal-to-noise ratio irrespective of flight length. The AisaHAWK pushbroom sensor is designed to meet vibration and shock loading requirements. In addition, having the shutter as it only moving part, there is no distortion caused by mechanical inaccuracies of the sensor itself.

The transmissive imaging spectrograph is nearly independent of the polarization in the incoming light, and provides high diffraction efficiency and uniform spectral resolution of 10 nm over the full SWIR range. All the optics (fore optics and imaging spectrograph) and the detector assembly are temperature-stabilized this ensures the highest radiometric stability and image quality even with varying outside air or cabin temperatures during long flight times.

Key features
Small size 470 mm L x 275 W x 220 mm H. 18 Kgs
High quality data capture
Low investment cost
Easy installation
Meets MIL specifications for shock and vibration
Can be integrated with the AisaEAGLE sensor to make a dual sensor system (see AisaDUAL)

The fully adjustable frame rate irrespective of the exposure setting enables flight at the most economical speed while acquiring imagery at the optimum exposure. This technology allows the user to adjust the frame rate, not the ground speed.

For applications requiring the highest sensitivity even in low light conditions including forestry management, vegetation cultivation, environmental investigations, precision farming, target identification, water assessment and land-use planning.

Accessories for Aisa Hyperspectral Airborne Series      

Detector MCT detector with maintenance-free cooler
Spectral range 970 - 2500 nm
Spectral resolution 12 nm
Calibration Sensor provided with wavelength and radiometric calibration file.
Number of spectral bands 254
Image rate Up to 100 images/s
Spatial pixels 320
Output 14-bit
Shutter Electromechanical shutter for dark background registration, user controllable by software.
Operating modes Hyperspectral and multispectral. Operator can create application specific band configurations, and quickly change from one mode or configuration to others in flight operation
Storage temperature - 20 ... +50º C
Operating temperature + 5 ... +40ºC, non-condensing

aisaHAWK data sheet




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