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Jai AM/AB-1600GE 16 megapixel camera

Three channels: R, G, B
The LT-200CL is part of JAI’s family of prism-based color line scan cameras built around a series of custom-designed CMOS linear sensors. The LT-200CL features three prism-mounted sensors, each with 2048 pixels outputing at 31446 lines-per-second, while maintaining image quality at a signal-to-noise ratio of 55 dB.

The single optical plane of the prism-based design eliminates off-angle viewing problems, complicated alignments, and other issues that often plague tri-linear camera alternatives.

Typical of JAI’s multi-imager colour cameras, the dichroic coatings on the prism boundaries provide steep spectral curves, which minimize the colour “crosstalk” and thereby increase the colour precision when compared to tri-linear or dual-line colour solutions. These hard dichroic coatings also don’t suffer the degradation of the soft polymer dye filters on tri-linear and dual-line sensors, providing accurate colour performance over a longer product lifespan.

The sub-pixel sensor alignment delivers precise colour values for each pixel, making the camera ideal for web-based inspections where accurate colour information is required.

Key features
** Lower cost
** 3 CMOS line scan camera with Camera Link output
** Dichroic RGB beam-splitter prism with 3 sensors with 2048 pixels, 14.0 µm x 14.0 µm
** 28.672 mm sensor scan width
** Line rate up to 31446 lines per second at 80 MHz pixel clock
** 3 x 8 bits or 3 x 10 bits output through Camera Link interface
** Low-noise operation (S/N: 58 dB) providing superior image quality
** Knee and binning functions for extended dynamic range and sensivity
** Available with M52 mount (standard) or Nikon F-mount
** Set-up and installation aid with built-in test generator

Made tough
As with all other JAI line-scan cameras, the LT-200CL has undergone extensive shock (to 50 G) and vibration testing (to 3 G) to maximise its ability to withstand the rigors of industrial environments.

Click to view video on the advantages of multi-imager prism technology

Model LT-200CL
Sensor 3-CMOS line sensors on RGB beam splitter prism
Scan rate Max. 31446 lines/second (internal trigger) (2048 pixels per line) with 80 MHz clock
Pixel Size 14µm x 14µm
Video Output 24 bit (3 x 8) in CL base configuration; 30 bit (3 x 10) in CL medium configuration
Trigger modes No-shutter, shutter-select and pulse width control
Lens Mount Available with M52 mount(standard) or Nikon F-mount (optional)
Operating temp/humidity -5°C to +45°C, 20 – 80% non-condensing
Power 12V DC -10% to 24V DC + 10% 12W at +12V (saturated)
Dimensions 90 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm without connector and lens protrusion
Weight 830g

LT-200CL Datasheet




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