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GO-5000-PGE - mono and colour
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Jai AM/AB-1600GE 16 megapixel camera


Small, strong and at a great price-point
Providing a combination of high resolution, small size, low weight, optics flexibility and affordable entry-level price the GO-5000-PGE mono and colour models feature a single-channel, Power-over GigE Vision interface offering 5-megapixel output at up to 22 frames per second over-100 meter Ethernet cable.

Two models are available. The GO-5000M-PGE is a monochrome camera, while the GO-5000C-PGE provides raw Bayer output for host-based interpolation.

High image quality
At megapixel resolutions, the Go-5000 doesn't resort to a rolling shutter or small pixels with low signal-to-noise ratios. 5-micron square pixels, global shutter, analog gain control (GO-5000 only), a built-in lookup table, and other advanced features help ensure image quality beyond entry-level expectations.

Multiple configurations possible
One of the lightest cameras available at this resolution, camera's combination of 5-micron-square pixels and versatile ROI capabilities, enables it to be configured easily to meet a wide range of customer requirements for resolution, speed, and optical formats.

For example, by creating a centered 1920 x 1080 ROI, the GO-5000 can be configured to provide 1080p HD video that fits completely within the optical format of a 2/3” C-mount lens (at 56 fps for 8-bit or 37 fps for 10 or 12-bit formats). This is in contrast to CMOS cameras with 5.5 micron pixels which generate 1080p image sizes that are slightly larger than the standard 2/3” optical circle, and so needing more expensive 1” optics to ensure that vignetting will not occur.

Other ROI possibilities include configuring the GO-5000 to operate as a VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 1/4” optics at a frame rate of nearly 150 fps. Or, users can apply 2x2 binning to the GO-5000M-PGE monochrome camera to create a camera with 1.3-megapixel output and the high sensitivity and signal-to-noise characteristics that come from what is effectively an array of 10 micron square pixels. 4x4 binning is also supported (monochrome only) See figure right.

The GO-5000’s imager features a combination of analog and digital gain controls to reduce the amount of quantized noise in low-light images compared to conventional CMOS cameras. The colour model has an on-chip 4-channel analog gain function to allow individual adjustment of R, G, and B information for better white balancing with reduced noise.

Also included is JAI’s Auto Level Control (ALC) that combines auto gain, and auto shutter capabilities in an integrated function to let users optimize their auto exposure control for lowest noise, fastest shutter or other priorities.

Key features
• Single- and multi-ROI modes
• Monochrome binning, both horizontal and vertical, including 4 x 4 binning
• Gamma pre-sets plus a programmable lookup table
• Auto gain, auto shutter, and an ALC mode that combines both functions
• Built-in pattern correction routines
• Analog and digital gain controls for less quantized noise when adding gain
•60 dB linear dynamic range plus an HDR function with built-in HDR slopes up to ~100 dB
• Flat field shading correction
• Pixel blemish compensation (up to 512 pixels)

The versatility of these cameras, coupled with their low list price, makes them adaptable to a wide range of machine vision applications.
• The cameras are well-suited to robotics/unmanned vehicle applications
• They can be used for any application requiring an affordable yet high-performing camera, or one where the camera must fit into a tight space
• Their small size and light weight are ideal for applications which require repetitive camera movement such as any application where the camera is mounted to a linear stage or motion-controlled arm

Model GO-5000-PGE mono and colour
Sensor Large format 5MP Monochrome and Colour CMOS
Resolution 2560 (h) x 2048 (v)
Pixel Size 5µm square
Interface GigE
Frame Rate 22 frames--per-second at 8-bit
Shutter Global
Lens Mount C-mount
Operating and storage temperature Operating: -5°C to +45°C. Storage: -25°C to +60°C
Humidity 20 - 80% non-condensing
Power 6-pin connector: 12V to 24V DC ± 10%. 2.5W typical @ 12V. POE: 35V to 57V DC. 3.19W typical @ 55V
Vibration 10G (20 Hz to 200 Hz XYZ)
Shock 80G
Dimensions (H x W x L) 29 mm x 29 mm x 41.5 mm (excl. lens mount)
Weight 46 g
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GO-5000-PGE Data sheet





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