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The CV-L108CL is a 3CCD prism based colour line scan camera that targets industrial inspection applications.

Designed for for high speed applications. It can be used for print verification, surface quality inspection, food/fruit sorting and other similar applications.

The 3CCD design has a common optical axis for all three sensors and so pixels in all 3 colour bands are spatially correlated. This makes the CV-L108CL simpler to set up than a typical tri-linear camera and less likely to have problems with colour registration or parallax effects. This promotes usage in a wide variety of applications where the surface to be inspected is flat and makes its use imperative in those applications where the surface needs to be viewed at an angle other than perpendicular or where the surface is not flat

The CV-L108CL has 3 x 512 pixels in each color band. It operates with 40 MHz pixel frequency, which results in a scan rate up to 70922 lines-per-second.

The camera delivers 24 bit (base configuration) or 30 bit (medium configuration) digital RGB output via a standard Camera Link interface.

It features flat-field (two point) correction, shading correction, several trigger modes, and individual exposure on R, B and G channels.

The camera comes standard with a Nikon F-mount lens adapter, but can also be equipped with an optional factory installed P-mount (M42x1).

Click to view video on 3CCD prism technology

Model CV-L108CL
Resolution 3 x 512 pixels in each colour band
Sensor 3 line sensors mounted on RGB beam splitter prism
Scan Rate up to 70922 lines per second at 40 MHz pixel clock
S/N Ratio 58 dB on green with gain = -3 dB
Gain Master (G). -3 dB to +12 dB. R and B. -6 dB to +6 dB
Pixel Size 14 µm x 14 µm
Pixel Clock 40.00 MHz
Lens Mount Nikon F-mount. (Standard), P-mount (M42x1) (Optional)
Operating Temp -5 °C to +45 °C
Power 12V DC ± 10%. 15W
Dimensions 90 x 90 x 90 mm
Weight 830 g

Jai CV-L108CL - 3CCD Line Scan Camera Datasheet




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