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Jai CM-140MCL - UV Camera

Offering extended sensitivity to below 200 nm, the JAI CM-140PMCL-UV is part of the C3 Compact series of cameras using a 1/2" monochrome, progressive scan UV-sensitive CCD sensor with 1.4 million pixels resolution (1392 x 1040 pixels) and Power-over-Mini-CL interface.

The camera outputs 16 full frames/second in continuous (free-run) mode with higher frame rates achievable using the Partial Scan mode (38 frames/second) or Vertical binning mode (25 frames/second).

For proper and safe operation, PoCL cameras require a compatible frame grabber. The camera complies with the "Safe Mode" feature stipulated by the PoCL standard.

Model CM-140 PMCL-UV
Sensor 1/2" monochrome, progressive scan CCD (UV sensitive)
Resolution 1392 x 1040
Pixel Size 4.65 µm square pixels
Video Output 8 or 10 bit Mini CL
Max. Line / Frame Rate 16 fps with full resolution; up to 38 fps with partial scan
Shutter speed 59µs to 2 sec. using Pulse Width Control
Lens Mount C-mount
Operating temperature -5°C to +45°C
Power 12V DC ±10% 1.8 W (PoCL)
Dimensions 29 (H) x 44 (W) x 66 (L) mm
Weight 120 g

JAI CM-140 PMCL_UV Data sheet




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