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Jai AT-200 CL 2-megapixel 3CCD camera

Made possible by a newly-developed prism block capable of supporting a larger sensor format than previously, the increased resolution and light-gathering ability of the latest generation AT-200CL camera provides unsurpassed colour fidelity making it the ultimate high-performance camera.

What is unique about the AT-200CL?
JAI's process is in contrast
with other 3CCD cameras that sacrifice output precision in favour of increased screen resolution.

Light reaching the prism block is split into red, green and blue colour channels. JAI's patented alignment process ensures the three sensors are aligned to within 1/4-pixel accuracy, providing pixel-precise colour values with a degree of precision necessary for applications requiring accurate anaylsis, measurement and processing.

The AT-200CL utilizes a 1/1.8" sensor.

Operating at 20 frames per second with full 3 x 2-megapixel output via a Camera Link digital interface. and being fully-featured, the camera is the first Jai 3CCD progressive scan camera to offer 3 x 12-bit RGB output (36-bit total). This enables it to distinguish between the most subtle of colour variations.

Users can select 3 x 8-bit RGB output to use a single cable Base Camera Link configuration, or can use the cameras' dual Camera Link connectors to output 3 x 10-bit or 3 x 12-bit RGB data via a M Medium Camera Link configuration.

Significantly faster frame rates than the full resolution rates can be achieved via the cameras' partial scan and vertical binning modes. Partial scanning includes four preset modes with frame rates in excess of 70 fps for 1/8 partial scan as well as a user programmable mode with selectable scan heights ranging from a single line to a full frame.

For what applications is this camera appropriate?
Core applications for the AT-200CL camera includes a wide range of inspection applications within the printing industry, food sorting, flat panel inspections and semiconductor manufacturing as well as for biomedical screening/classification.

Model AT-200CL
Sensor 3 x 1/1.8” progressive scan CCD
Resolution 1628 (h) x 1236 (v)
Pixel Size 4.40 x 4.40µm
Video Output 3 x 8 bit RGB: single port Camera Link base
3 x 10 bit RGB: dual port Camera Link medium
3 x 12 bit RGB: dual port Camera Link medium
Max. Line / Frame Rate 20 fps at full resolution
Shutter 1/20 (off) to 1/51,000 sec. in 12 steps.
Lens Mount C-mount (Max 4.0 mm thread)
Operating temperature -5°C to +45°C
Power 12V to 24V DC ± 10%. 6.8W
Dimensions 55 x 55 x 98.3 mm
Weight 320 g

JAI AT-200CL Datasheet




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