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3-CMOS and 4-CMOS colour/NIR line scan cameras by JAI
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Two prism based industrial strength line scan cameras as part of JAI's Sweep+ product line:

Sweep+ SW 4000T-10GE (RGB), (3-CMOS)
Equipped with three CMOS sensors, this model offers a maximum resolution of 4096 pixels (4k) per channel/line, and includes a RGB output at a maximum line rate as high as 97 kHz (97,000 scan lines/second). Combining a 10GBASE-T (10Gbit/s) interface with 3-CMOS colour line scan technology allows efficient speeds without compromising quality output.

Sweep+ SW-4000Q-10GE (R-G-B + NIR), (4-CMOS).
With four prism mounted CMOS sensors this camera allows for simultaneous capturing of RGB and near infrared spectral wavebands which translates to high colour precision and multi-spectral analysis through the NIR channel.

Key features
Region-of-interest settings for high scan rates.
White balancing through manual, automatic and one push functions.
Black level adjustment.
Extensive range of colour temperature presets.
Waste sorting between coloured glass and plastics.
Analog and digital gain adjustment.
Colour shading correction.
PRNU/DSNU correction.
Chromatic aberration correction.
Horizontal image mirroring.

Food sorting between tea leaves, vegetables, fruits, olives etc.
Coin and sheet metal inspection.
Currency and print inspection.
3D colour print inspection (inspection of labels on cylindrical items like cans).
Web inspection (textile, paper, glass and film).
Inspection and sorting of waste at recycle station.
Granular inspection.

Sweep+ SW 4000T-10GE (RGB), (3-CMOS)
Sweep+ SW-4000Q-10GE (R-G-B + NIR), (4-CMOS)
Power consumption
13.70 Watt
27.80 Watt
830 g
1000 g
Size HxWxL
90 x 90 x 90 mm
90 x 90 x 120 mm
Frame rate/line rate
97 kHz
72 kHz
Light Spectrum
Visible + NIR
Resolution WxH
4096 x 1 px
10 Gbps GigE Vision
Cell Size WxH
7.5 x 7.5 µm or 7.5 x 10.5 µm
Operating temp
-5°C to +45°C
Power usage
18 W, max. (via both CXP)
Optical Format
30.72 mm

SW4000T-10GE Datasheet SW4000Q-10GE Datasheet
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