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Flare 12M125-CL
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120 fps at 12 Megapixels
High-resolution motion-capture camera

Broadcast and cinema
Inspection and monitoring
Motion capture

Using the latest CMOSIS sensor technology, IO Industries' FLARE 12M125-CL camera provides high-speed with high-resolution to capture images of excellent quality, and with user-convenience provided via the camera's Power-over-CameraLink feature enabling easy installation.

The Flare 12M125-CL can be combined with IO Industries' high-speed DVR to provide a robust motion-capture system and with a dual CameraLink Full-80 interface, it can be easily interfaced to framegrabbers and recorders.

Looking for superb high resolution motion capture? Take a look at the IO Industries Flare 12MP, the latest model in the successful Flare series. The 12 MegaPixel camera boasts frame rates of over 120fps at 4k x 3k resolution.

• Monochrome and colour models • Selectable 8-bit or 10-bit pixel depth • Pipelined global shuttering with Correlated Double Sampling
• High Dynamic range modes • Advanced Auto-Exposure Control • Auto white balance and programmable LUTs
• 8-bit and 10-bit output formats • Camera Link output - base, medium, full and dual-full  

Model Flare 12M125-CL
Sensor CMOSIS - monochrome and colour models
Resolution 4096 x 3072 pixels
Max frame rate Up to 124.27 fps at 4096 x 3072 x 8-bit); Up to 99.88 fps at 4096 x 3072 x 10-bit at full resolution
Pixel size 5.5µm square
Interface Camera Link: Base, Medium, Full, and Dual Full
Lens mount Available with both F-mount and C-mount options. M42 x 0.75 with F- and C-Mount adapters
Dimensions 91.7mm x 91.7mm x 44.5mm no lens adapter. 91.7mm x 91.7mm x 73.7mm with F-mount
Weight 490g (600g with F-mount)
Ambient operating temperature -30° to 45°C
Power requirements 12V DC (via Hirose)
Power consumption 6W (Single Full), 7.5W (Dual Full)
Slow motion soccer in 1080p at 340 fps

Flare 12M125-CL data sheet




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