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Flare 12M
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Broadcast and cinema
Automated Inspection
Slow-Motion capture and analysis
Research Imaging

Designed with premium image quality in mind and using the latest CMOS sensor technology, IO Industries' FLARE 12M cameras provide high-speed with high-resolution to capture detailed images with 12 MP resolution, its very fast readout allowing frame rates into the hundreds of frames-per-second. Even higher frame rates, at lowered resolution, are possible by applying the adjustable region-of-interest and subsampling features. The Flare's flexibility makes it effective in applications ranging from high-speed motional analysis to automated optical inspections systems.

Featuring pipelined global shutter technology overcomes the artifacts produced by rolling shutter designs as well as eliminating uneven frame illumination when bright flashes occur during exposure.

Equipped with either Camera Link or CoaXpress standardised and well-established outputs, systems are able to deal with the the hundreds/thousands of megabytes of video data per second produced by the Flare.

Image quality is ensured by controlling the amount of image noise via the use of low-power electronics and effective passive cooling, most heat being dissipated into the air through the aluminium chassis which acts as a heat-sink to the internal electronics.

Left: Slow-motion soccer in 1080p at 340 fps


• Monochrome, colour and NIR-enhanced monochrome Pipelined Global Shuttering CMOS sensor CoaXPress or Camera Link Output
• Multiple Lens Mount Options
• Advanced Auto-Exposure Control • High sensitivity with low noise
• Selectable 8-bit and 10-bit output formats • Auto white balance • Flat field correction available for CX model

Flare 12M125-CL
Flare 12M180-CX
CMOS - monochrome, colour and NIR-enhanced monochrome - global electronic shutter
4096 x 3072 pixels
Frame rate

124 fps (8-bit), 100 fps (10-bit)

187 fps (8-bit), 149 fps (10-bit)
Pixel size
5.5µm square
Base, Medium, Full, Full 80-bit, Dual Full 80-bit (80MHz Pixel Clock)
1/2/4 links at 3.125Gbps (CXP-3), 5.0Gbps (CXP-5) or 6.25Gbps (CXP-6)
Lens mount
F-mount, Active EF-mount, C-mount
91.7 mm x 91.7mm x 74.5 mm (with F-mount)
600g (with F-mount)
Operating: -30° to 45°C; Storage: -40° to 85°C
Power requirements
7.5W, 12V DC via Hirose 12-pin
9.5W, 7-26V DC via Hirose 12-pin or 24V via PoCXP




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