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UI-1240SE - Colour
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The UI-1240SE is an ideal all-round colour camera with USB 2.0 interface and e2v CMOS sensor in 1.3 Megapixel resolution (1280 x 1024 pixels).

The e2v sensor combines the features and advantages of CCD and CMOS with its extremely high sensitivity, an unrivalled level of CMOS sensor colour fidelity and the global shutter functionality.

Both digital I/Os for trigger and flash control are opto-coupled and accept signals with up to 30 V.

A variety of cable types with robust, lockable connectors complements the model range.

With its compact metal housing and M3 mounting holes the UI-1240SE is ideally suited for use in automation and quality inspection.

For OEMs, versions without housing and front flange are offered on request.

Features of the UI-1240SE colour camera include:
* High-sensitivity * Outstanding colour fidelity * global shutter to prevent motion blurring
* Compact metal housing * Customisable for OEMs  

Model UI-1240 SE - colour
Resolution 1280x1024
Sensor 1/2 CMOS (e2v)
Resolution depth 8-bit (10-bit ADC)
Video Output USB 2.0
Max. Line/Frame Rate 25 fps
Pixel size 5.30 µm
Shutter Global
Mount C-Mount
Dimensions H: 34.00 mm, W: 32.00 mm, L: 27.40 mm
Weight 62 g

UI-1240ME- colour data sheet



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