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Trillium Series Cameras
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Not only does the Trillium provide better images, its integrated signal processing compensates for lighting and lens variations, allowing easier, more economical system design with lower maintenance and lower lifetime cost.

DALSA’s newest color line scan camera uses a beam-splitting prism, interference filters, and three separate image sensors to provide separate outputs from a common optical axis. High sensitivity, three channels (Red,Green, and Blue) of LVDS output @ 25 MHz, and superior color registration are just the start of this camera’s power. Advanced features such as programmable pixel-by-pixel color correction and balancing, self-calibration, and on-camera diagnostic display make the TR-3x the new color performance leader.

Model 01k25 02k25
Resolution 1024 / 2048 1024 / 2048
Pixel Size 14 x 14 µm 14 x 14 µm
Video Output 3x8-bit LVDS (RGB) 3x8-bit LVDS (RGB)
Max. Line/Frame Rate 21 / 11 kHz 21 / 11 kHz
Data Clock Rate 3x25 MHz 3x25 MHz
Gain -6dB to +12dB -6dB to +12dB
Lens Mount Nikon F, Mamiya, or Canon FD Nikon F, Mamiya, or Canon FD
Operating Temp 0 to 50 °C 0 to 50 °C
Power 12 to 15V DC, <15W 12 to 15V DC, <15W
Dimensions 89 x 89 x 219 mm 89 x 89 x 219 mm
Mass 1.4kg (no lens) 1.4kg (no lens)



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