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Linea Mono 2k 52 kHz and 4k 26 kHz GigE
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Spyders series GigE dualine/bilinear cameras

New feature: TurboDrive technology now included with Teledyne Dalsa's free Sapera LT SDK software. Please contact Adept Turnkey for more information.

Using GigE technology
The Linea GigE range of line scan cameras offers improved system performance, ease of use and set up flexibility; but, most notably, Teledyne DALSA's latest technology delivers high-speed data transfer that breaks through the GigE bandwidth limit without changing your GigE network.

Using an advanced data-modeling technique, transfers, up to several times faster than standard GigE Vision speeds, are achieved with no loss of image quality. These break-through line rates are possible by using proprietary technology that formats data from the sensor to optimize throughput and so take full advantage of both the sensor's maximum line rate and the camera's maximum GigE transfer speed.

Based in advanced CMOS line scan technology, Linea GigE employs a single line 2k or 4k, single line 7 µm x 7 µm pixel array and a line rate of up to 80 kHz and surpasses the requirements of demanding applications such as materials grading and inspection, transportation safety and general-purpose machine vision

Lower costs
Compared with other mainstream cameras, the Linea 2k/4k models are offered at an attractive with no loss to image quality - just two benefits of deploying this range.

Better imaging at a lower cost are two benefits Helping improve imaging and lower costs, Linea starts with an advanced CMOS sensor with high quantum efficiency and low noise for better images and comes packed with advanced features to make machine vision projects more easily achievable.

Advanced features
Low cost and compact
Patent-pending TurboDrive makes line rates up to 80 kHz possible
Multiple GPIO Timers and counters
User-selectable, End-of-line metadata - each line
Line trigger timestamp
I/O status per line
High responsivity in visible with enhanced NIR responsivity
Up to four Areas of Interest, for data reduction
Cycling mode: Cycle through preset camera parameters, gain, exposure time, I/O outputs and FFC for each line
Extended dynamic range: Camera combines short and long exposure images, outputs image with high contrast in both dark and bright areas which increases the likelihood of defect detention.

Burst mode: Linea's GigE models can take advantage of its high speed sensor by capturing and buffering high speed bursts faster than GigE allows

Linea Mono 2k 52 kHz**
Linea Mono 4k 26 kHz**
2048 x 1
4096 x 1
Line rate
Up to 80 kHz, using TurboDrive and the Sapera LT driver
7.04 µm
Data format
8- or 12-bit selectable
320 DN / (nJ / cm2) in 12 bit at 1x gain
Dynamic Range
> 60 dB
Nominal gain range
1x to 10x
Gigabit Ethernet
Lens mount
M42 x 1, C and F-mount adapters available
12 V to 24 V DC, HD15 connector (shared with I / O)
Operating temp
0 °C to 65 °C (front plate)
62 mm x 62 mm x 46.7 mm
<280 gr
GigE Vision v1.2; Sapera LT or 3rd party GenICam™ compliant SDK
**Up to 80 kHz with TurboDrive

Linea 2K/4k Mono Data sheet




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