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Linea ML

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The Linea ML linescan camera series from Teledyne Dalsa offers a range of camera models that use their CMOS sensor technology with multi-line architecture. Their design allows for accelerated inspection and innovative low cost techniques such as HDR (High Dynamic Range) , mulitline high fidelity colour, multispectral and multi-field imaging. The ML family includes six individual models with 8k and 16k resolution, monochrome, colour, Camera Link HS (CLHS) and fibre optic interfaces.

Fibre Optic Models:
The ML series uses industry standard fibre optic cables with LC- connectors for lower system costs. Longer cable length fibre optics eliminates the need for expensive repeaters. Furthermore, the immunity of fibre optics to electromagnetic radiation in harsh industrial environments significantly improves the reliability of high-speed data transmission.


Key features    
• Robust, all-metal body • Direct connection to fibre optic cables for extended cable lengths  
• Independent exposure control for each channel • High speed mono 300KHz (8K), 147 KHz 16K; Colour 100KHz x 3 (8K), 47Kz x 3 (16K)  
• High quality native RGB colours • Mono 8192 x 4 pixels, 16,384 x 4/1 pixels; Colour 8,192 x 3 pixels, 16,384 x 3 pixels  
• Works seamlessly at any speed from max speed to stop condition • Teledyne Dalsa's CMOS trilinear sensor  
• General web inspection • Electronic component inspection  
• Printed circuit board inspection • Printing inspection  

Pair with Xtium2 for ultimate performance:

The Linea ML cameras can be paired with the Xtium2-CLHS frame grabber to leverage the speed of the high-performance on-board DataTransfer Engine (DTE). This combination delivers maximum bandwidth without the need for specialized computer motherboards or chipsets. By enabling maximum sustained throughput and ready to use image data, the Xtium2-CLHS FX8 minimizes CPU usage and improves processing times for host applications.


Linea ML Colour 8k Fibre 280 kHz Linea ML Colour 16k 300 kHz Linea ML Trilinear Colour 16k 141 kHz Linea ML Mono 8k Fibre 280 kHz Linea ML Mono 16k 300 kHz Linea ML Mono 16k Fibre 143 kHz
ML-FC08K10T-00-R ML-HC-16K10T-00-R ML-FC-16K04T-00-R ML-FM-08K30H-00-R ML-HM-16K30H-00-R ML-FM-16K15A-00-R
8,192 x 3 pixels 16,384 x 3 pixels 16384 x 3 8192 x 4 16384 x 3 16384 x 3
Max Line Rate
280 kHz 300 kHz 141 kHz 280 kHz 300 kHz 143 kHz
Pixel Size
5 x 5 µm
Data Format
8-bit 8-bit 8-bit 8 or 12 bits, selectable 8 or 12 bits, selectable 8 or 12 bits, selectable
Dynamic Range
> 60 dB > 60 dB > 60 dB 72 dB 72 dB 72 dB
<500g 1.2 kg 1.2 kg <500g 1.2 kg 1.2 kg
76 mm x 76 mm x 85 mm 97 mm x 140.5 mm x 78.6 mm 97 mm x 140.5 mm x 78.6 mm 76 mm x 76 mm x 85 mm 97 mm x 140.5 mm x 78.6 mm 97 mm x 140.5 mm x 78.6 mm
RGB RGB RGB Monochrome Monochrome Monochrome
Camera Link HS, Fibre Optic
Camera Link HS
Camera Link HS, Fibre Optic
Camera Link HS, Fibre Optic
Camera Link HS
Camera Link HS, Fibre Optic

Linea ML Trilinear 8k and 16k colour CMOS camera datasheet

Linea ML Monochrome 8k and 16k multiline CMOS camera datasheet




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