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Model - Piranha HS 2K, 52 kHz (Part number - HS-4x-02k30)
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The Piranha HS-4x-02k30 is a unique high sensitivity, high speed line scan camera. With a resolution of 2048 pixels and a pixel size of 13µm x 13µm this camera is capable of a maximum line rate of 52 kHz. It features 4 outputs each running at 30 MHz giving a total throughput of 120 MHz.

With large 13µm pixels, the HS-4x-02k30 offers high sensitivity for low-light situations. It is developed with Dalsa’s Time Delay & Integration (TDI) technology and so provides high sensitivity at high line rates. This camera is capable of bi-directional scanning and has up to 64 stages of exposure. Dalsa’s proven anti-blooming capabilities prevent localized overexposure from contaminating the information in adjacent pixels.

The HS-4x-02k30 is highly suited for demanding applications where low light levels prevail and image sensitivity is important. Typical applications include Flat panel inspection, Postal sorting (flats), Semiconductor inspection, Printed circuit board inspection, High performance document scanning, large web applications, and many more.

Model Piranha HS-4x-02k30
2048 x 64 TDI
Data Rate
4 x 30 MHz
Max. Line/Frame Rate
52 kHz
Data Format
8 bit / 10 bit
Pixel Size
13µm x 13µm
Video Output
Base / Medium Camera Link
Dynamic Range
54 dB
± 10db
Lens Mount
M42 mount / F mount
Operating Temp
0°C - 50°C
12-15V , 10W
85 mm x 85 mm x 53.4 mm
Weight 500g

DALSA Piranha HS-4x-02k30 Datasheet




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