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Piranha ES-8k-34 kHz Part # ES-80-08k40
Piranha ES-8k-68 kHz Part # ES-80-08k80

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Piranha ES TDI 8k 34/68 kHz lowlight camera

The Piranha ES-8k-34 kHz and the Piranha ES-8k-68 kHz are members of the Piranha ES family - DALSA's generation of low cost, high-sensitivity, Time Domain Integration cameras.

The Piranha ES family provides cost-effective, high-performance solutions for low-light linescan imaging with large resolutions and unmatched throughput.

High sensitivity. High speed.
The 8k 68 kHz model delivers line rates up to 68.6 kHz and a throughput up to 640 MHz while the 8k 34 kHz model delivers line rates up to 34 kHz and a throughput up to 320 MHz.

TDI is a method of line scanning which provides dramatically increased responsivity compared to other video scanning methods and is based on the concept of accumulating multiple exposures of the same (moving) object, effectively increasing the integration time available to collect incident light. The TDI linescan sensor is made up of multiple lines of pixels. As an object passes under each line it is imaged and added to the image taken under the previous line.

Camera configuration is extremely flexible and the number of Camera Link taps, throughput, and line rate are all software controlled.

Both cameras are capable of bi-directionality with up to 32 stages of selectability, while preventing over-exposure with DALSA's proven 100x antiblooming.

If you need maximum performance at low cost in low light, consider a Piranha ES.

Piranha ES-8k-34 kHz
Piranha ES-8k-68 kHz
Part number ES-80-08k40 ES-80-08k80
Resolution 8192 x 32 TDI
8192 x 32 TDI
Data Rate 320 MHz
640 MHz
Max. Line/Frame Rate 34 kHz
68 kHz
Data Format 8 bit / 12 bit
8 bit / 12 bit
Pixel Size 7µm x 7µm
7µm x 7µm
Video Output Medium or full Camera Link
Medium or full Camera Link
Dynamic Range 56 dB
56 dB
Gain ± 10 dB
± 10 dB
Lens Mount M72 x 0.75
M72 x 0.75
Operating Temp 0°C - 50°C
0°C - 50°C
Power 12-15V
Dimensions 150 mm x 80 mm x 65 mm
150 mm x 80 mm x 65 mm
Weight <800 g <800 g

DALSA Piranha ES-8k-34 kHz/68 kHz Data sheet




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