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Piranha XL 16k
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Combining the benefits of a Camera Link HS interface, the Piranha XL 16K multi-line CMOS delivers a very high data throughput over long transmission distances with low noise. Increased responsivity over other line-scanning methods is gained through the camera's TDI technology (Time Domain Integration) which allows faster scanning speeds to be acheived in low light; or you can run it at conventional speeds with much less light and so reduce lighting costs.

Aside from providing matchless speed and responsivity with low noise, exposure control allows for seamless variable speed imaging down to stopped conditions on select models.

When combined with the XTIUM Camera Link HS frame grabber, the camera offers a complete solution for Automated Optical Inspection. In combination the camera and grabber can extend cable lengths well beyond the traditonal Cameralink cable lengths.

Providing maximum performance in low light, this high-performing camera comes in a compact body measuring 97 x 97 x 61 mm.

Two speeds are available - 125 kHz and 60 kHz

Key features
• True exposure control
• Multiple user sets
• High speed 125 kHz line rate
• High dynamic range look-up table
• Highly responsive multi-line CMOS architecture
• Stop / Start seamless imaging (60 kHz model)
• Very low noise
• Smart lens shading correction
• Binning
• Fibre optic module support
• Forward or reverse scanning
Multiple areas of interest (AOI) for data reduction and for easy calibration (ROI)
• Field proven Camera Link HS interface
What is TDI technology? What is Camera Link HS technology?
• Flat panel display inspection
Film and web inspection
Printed circuit board inspection
High-throughput and high-res applications

Piranha XL 16k - 125 kHz
Piranha XL 16k - 60 kHz
16 352 x 12 pixels
Total Data Rate
2044 MHz
981 MHz
Max Line Rate
125 kHz (single cable)
60 kHz
Pixel Size
5 µm x 5 µm
Row Selection
4, 8, or 12 rows
Data Format
8 or 12 bit, selectable
Camera Link HS (1 or 2 cables)
Responsivity Range
2200 DN/(nJ/cm²), 12 bit, 1x gain
Nominal Gain Range
Up to 7.5x
Lens Mount
M90 x 1 mm
Operating Temp
0 to 60 °C (front plate)
Power supply
Hirose 6-pin, +12 V to + 24 V DC
97 (W) x 97 (H) x 61 (D) mm
685 g
Control and data
Camera Link HS

DALSA Piranha XL 16k data sheet




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