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Falcon 4M15
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The Falcon 4M15 area scan camera excels where high resolution coupled with speed, good SNR and high dynamic range are required - for example traffic, electronics, manufacturing inspection and 3D scanning applications.

The camera uses a 4 megapixel (2048 x 2048) interline transfer sensor and is available in colour or monochrome. The colour model uses an RGB Bayer color filter. The Falcon 4M15 is capable of running at up to 16 frames per second (higher with windowing) and features electronic global shuttering for smear-free imaging of fast-moving objects. These features allow for a large field of view, no smear effect, and high throughput.

The Falcon 4M15 offers programmable features and diagnostics accessible through the Camera Link MDR26 connector. The camera's small body and robustness make it perfect for the wear and tear of industrial environments.

Available Models:
Falcon 4M15 Colour (DS-22-04M15)
Falcon 4M15 Mono (DS-21-04M15)

Model Falcon 4M15
2048 x 2048
Data Rate
80 MHz
Max. Line/Frame Rate
16 fps
Pixel Size
7.4µm x 7.4µm
Video Output
Base Camera Link
56 x 56 x 56 mm³
Weight 184g

DALSA Falcon 4M15 Datasheet




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