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Falcon2 4M colour
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Falcon2 4M colour CMOS megapixel camera

The Falcon2 area scan cameras incorporate large resolutions and faster frame rates enabling high speed image capture with superb spatial resolution.

Features such as global shutter and improved image quality make these Falcon2 cameras the camera of choice in applications where throughput, resolution and dynamic range matter. (Global shuttering removes unwanted smear and time displacement artifacts related to rolling shutter CMOS devices.)

The Falcon2 cameras are equipped with a CMOS sensor, which has reduced dark noise levels and improved dark offset. On-board FPN (fixed pattern noise) and PRNU (Pixel Response Non-Uniformity) corrections further assist to produce excellent images. These models use a Bayer colour filter and output raw Bayer data. A unique feature of the Falcon2 cameras is their ability to switch between 4:3 and 1:1 aspect ratios with the same resolution. In addition, region of interest features allow higher frame rates. Other features include 3x separate Look-Up Tables - one for each colour for individual colour mapping; deep well pixels and anti-blooming for high dynamic range imaging.

The Falcon2 cameras are compliant with GenICam™ and full Camera Link™ specifications—delivering 8 or 10 bits of data on 8 taps (frame rates are specified at 8 bits).

The M42x1 thread opening allows the use of lens of choice.

Key features and benefits
• High-quality colour imaging at high frame rates and resolutions • Latest charge domain CMOS with high, full-well capacity giving excellent signal integrity and image quality
• Bayer color filter , raw Bayer output • High responsivity
• Concurrent integration and readout • Faster frame rates through vertical windowing
• Full/Ext Mini-Camera Link • Flat field correction and individual, adjustable gain and offset for better colour balancing
• Adjustable timing modes • Exposure control
• Test patterns and camera diagnostics • Selectable 4:3 (2432 x 1728) or 1:1 (2048 x 2048) aspect ratio
• Global shutter imaging for crisp capture of moving objects • In-camera pre-processing
• GenlCam compliant and available with Camera Link interface standard and optional Camera Link HS for high bandwidth data transmission.

Typical applications  
• Semiconductor wafer inspection • Electronics manufacturing • 3D imaging—Laser profiling
  • Surface and bump inspection   • 3D solder paste inspection • Solar panel inspection
    • Package and bump inspection • General machine vision
    • Automated Optical Inspection  


Model Falcon2 4M colour
2432 x 1728
Total data rate 760 MHz
Max. Line/Frame Rate
168 fps
Pixel Size
6 µm x 6 µm
Output format
Mini Camera Link Full
60 mm (H) x 60 mm (W) x 81 mm (D)
Weight < 250 gr
Responsivity 30 DN/(nJ/cm²)

DALSA Falcon2 4M colour Data sheet




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