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Manta G-031B/C
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AVT Manta G145 B/C Camera

The Manta G-031B/C is a fast, GigE camera with a very sensitive both in the visible spectrum and in the NIR spectrum, CCD sensor.

At full resolution, this camera offers 125 frames-per-seconds but with a smaller ROI, higher frame rates are possible.

The camera incorporates three LUTs, sophisticated colour correction algorithms, a robust metal housing, and many modular options like angled heads or board level versions.

All Manta cameras are optionally available with PoE (Power over Ethernet).

• ROI (Region of Interest Readout) • Exposure: Auto/one push/programmable • Exposure time 58 µs to 60 s
• White balance: Auto/one push/programmable • On-board debayering • Hue, saturation, sharpness (colour versions)
• Video-type auto-iris • 5 storable user sets • Three look-up tables (LUTs), gamma correction
• DSP subregion (selectable ROI for auto features) • Binning (up to 8 x 14, independent x and y binning) • Stream hold
• StreamBytesPerSecond (easy bandwidth control) • Event channel • Chunk data
• Gain: Auto/one push/programmable; Manual gain control: 0 to 32 dB (1 dB/step)  

Applications include
Machine vision Robotics Semi-conductor inspection


Security and Surveillance Pharmaceutical industry
Food inspection ITS/Traffic monitoring  

Model Manta G031 B/C  
Sensor Type 1/4 CCD Progressive scan
Resolution 656 x 492
Pixel Size 5.6 µm square
Interface GigE 1000baseT
Frame Rate 125 fps
Lens Mount C/CS-mount.
Operating Temp +5 °C ... +45 °C
Power requirements (DC) 8 V - 30 V
Power consumption (12 V) <3.9 W (PoE) / <3.7 W (non-PoE)
Dimensions 86.4 x 44 x 29 mm including connectors
Weight <200 g

AVT Manta G-031 B/C camera datasheet




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