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SIL2 Image Intensifier
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Specialised Imaging lens intensifiers are a family of custom-designed, gated image intensifier systems used to improve the sensitivity of high-speed video and image converter cameras.

Readily interfaced to most manufacturers' high-speed cameras/video systems and constructed around high-gain micro-channel-plate image intensifiers, the SIL units provide a wide range of sensitivity, gain and resolution options for any demanding imaging application.

The SIL2 is offered with a comprehensive collection of operating parameters programmable via the intuitive local keypad or from a remote PC through an Ethernet link, which also allows archiving and loading of timing set-ups.

What is an image intensifier?
Used in low-light conditions to detect, capture and increase the intensity of ambient light, image intensifiers work by gathering weak emissions or reflected light from natural or from artificial sources and amplifying it to a level that can be seen with the eye or by digital image sensors. They convert low levels of light from various wavelengths into visible quantities of light at a single wavelength.

Primarily developed for night-time surveillance, when used in combination with a CCD camera, image intensifiers are used in industrial product inspection, scientific research, medical imaging or any other application where sufficient light for image capture is an issue. A high-speed gate is used for capturing and performing motion analysis of fast-events.

Special features of the SIL2 image intensifier  
• High gain and high resolution • Up to 1,000,000 fps with electronic shuttering down to 50ns
• Extensive triggering facilities • Flexible outputs for triggering external events or instruments
• Choice of lens mounts • Compact, rugged mechanical design
• Intuitive operation from the controller keypad • PC controlled via Ethernet

• Combustion research • Biological/Microscopy • Low-Light applications • Vision Systems • Mechanics

UV Enhanced S20
Input area (diameter)
40 mm
25 mm
Spectral response
15mA/W @ 214nm 55mA/W @ 450 nm
17mA/W @ 800 nm
17mA/W @ 214nm 55mA/W @ 450 nm
10mA/W @ 800 nm
15mA/W @ 214nm 48mA/W @ 450 nm
17mA/W @ 800 nm
20mA/W @ 214nm 53mA/W @ 450 nm
17mA/W @ 800 nm
20mA/W @ 214nm 53mA/W @ 450 nm
17mA/W @ 800 nm
20mA/W @ 220nm
55mA/W @ 450 nm
17mA/W @ 800 nm
Limiting resolution-typical
22 lp/mm
30 lp/mm
27 lp/mm
40 lp/mm
27 lp/mm
28 lp/mm
Max frame rate
100 000
100 000 000
Lens mount
1/4 BSW standard Tripod mount in base
Control interface
Remote control via Standard 100 Mbps Ethernet
Custom control software compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.
Operating temperature
-5° to +40°C

SIL2 Image Intensifier data sheet




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