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CC320 Trigger Timing Controller
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The CC320 provides a simple-to-use, cost-effective and complete working solution for the accurate timing of component sensing, camera triggering and reject gates. Timing can be based on precise delays or on exact conveyor belt travel using an encoder and so saving engineering time and effort. Easily programmed to microsecond accuracy, all settings are stored in non-volatile memory which are retained even when the Ethernet connection is disconnected.

With 8 independent input channels, the controller can take a range of input signals from various components and use these to trigger events on any of the 8 independent output channels.

Each of the 8 output channels can be individually programmed offering complete control over the pulse delay and pulse width, as well as a trigger delay enabling filtering of noisy trigger signals. In applications where encoders are connected to the input channels, outputs can be configured as functions of encoder pulses rather than absolute time values, creating a very versatile solution.

Ethernet enabled as standard, the CC320 can be quickly configured through Gardasoft's free software or even more simply by accessing the controller via your internet browser and typing the IP address for the controller into your browser giving full access to all parameters. Communication via third-party software is also user-friendly to set up.

Key features
** Complete working solution
** Saves days of design time
** Encoder compatible
** Integrates with GigE systems
** Flexible configuration
Model CC320 Trigger timing controller
Digital inputs 8
Digital outputs 8
Interface Ethernet – TCP/IP or web browser or pushbutton and display
Digital input format Opto input, compatible with 5V to 24V signals, open collector transistors
Digital output format Open collector transistors, switches up to 24V output. Also compatible with TTL and opto inputs
Supply voltage Regulated 12V to 24V
Dimensions 146mm by 49mm by 24mm (excluding DIN rail fixing)
Weight 200g
Mounting DIN rail or panel mounting

CC320 Data sheet

Model Model #
Dimensions 4.5" x 5.0" x 2.5"



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